My take on Women’s Day

first_imgWomen’s Day is Back! Even more aggressive, determined and thought-provoking! But I don’t want it to be only a serious topic of discussion in the first fortnight of March! Maybe, Women’s Day has been surrounded with such a tightening grip by the Feminist brigade, that we have lost the ability to see beyond their view. Many atrocities are happening against women even in the twenty-first century, no doubt, but is the future just grim? The achievements of women over the century and more are commendable enough to promise a not-so grim future. The hype around Women’s Day is mainly about male-bashing. Putting the men down, however, isn’t providing the solution to the atrocities against women. We are surrounded by men – sons, fathers, grandfathers, uncles, brothers – decent men who love their women. I think, if we want real women empowerment, we have to stop behaving like the weaker sex. This isn’t about the men mistreating the women, it is about women demeaning other women. We need to look at the progress made by women in different fields despite the obstacles laid in their path. All these women who made successful strides have taken everything with a pinch of salt. But most importantly they have never let hardships deter them and success stop them. They have diligently worked towards their goals with or without support and encouragement. These women are not aware of the atrocities happening against their lot, but they know that every achievement by every woman is contributing to slowly changing women’s plight. It is only through action that changes will happen. By constantly harping on the mistreatments against women, nothing is going to be achieved. Also, men are equally important if the future of women has to change. Men are going to be a part of women’s lives as long as there is life on earth. I want my son to be happy on this earth just as much as I want my daughter to be happy. The way we raise our sons will decide how safe and comfortable our daughters will be. When my son and daughter value each other, they will positively contribute to improving women’s condition.The World will be celebrating Women’s Day today and it is to celebrate the progress made by women step-bye-step as we educate our daughters to pursue their goals with confidence. I see households today, wherein mothers-in-law take pride in the daughter-in-law’s achievement and give as much importance to her career as they give to their son’s career. I have seen men who encourage their wives to take centre stage and make adjustments when it comes to taking care of the household chores or looking after the children. And none of it is being done because they believe in their women. Every person, man or woman, needs to realise their potential to be a happy individual and once this is achieved there will be no need to suppress anyone. This Women’s Day shouldn’t be about crying over spilt milk but about rejoicing in womanhood and the milestones achieved. It should be about working in harmony with men and nature to achieve many more milestones to create earth devoid of fear. It should be about women empowering other women to make progress in life. To all the wonderful women in my life – my daughter, my mother, my sisters, my friends – a Happy Women’s Day that heralds a bright and safe future for the new generation.last_img read more


first_imgI am liking it nowCoz I don’t have to see the gray emotions of people.I am liking it nowCoz I don’t have to pretend to smile to known strangersI am liking it nowCoz I can hide from who have already faded away from memoriesI am liking it nowCoz I sometimes just want to hear my own breathI am liking it nowCoz somedays I just want to keep my smiles and sadness within meI am liking it nowCoz I can hide my imperfections behind themI am liking it nowIf makes the world a better place to livelast_img read more

Ending Impunity Of Virginity Test

first_imgRecently, the Pakistan Supreme Court banned the practice of ‘virginity test’ also known as the ‘two-finger test’ (TFT).TFT is a gynaecological examination conducted to examine whether a woman or girl had vaginal intercourse or not. In most cases, it is practised to check whether the virginity of the rape victim is enacted or not by assessing the elasticity of the vaginal orifice by the insertion of two fingers.Further, this test is has been used by various countries to check the authenticity of rape complaints. The Pakistan Supreme Court, while considering a criminal appeal on rape, took into consideration the legal validity of the virginity test into account. The court in Atif Zareef vs. The State relied upon modern forensic science and Pakistani constitutional law to examine the test’s need and legality. The court also noted that the rape crimes committed are often seen through the patriarchal lens, by questioning the sexual conduct of the survivor. In this particular case, the test was set to dilapidate the moral conduct by questioning the sexual character of the victim.  The court also observed the medical language to be patriarchal and ‘riddled with gender biases.’On the constitutionality of ‘sexual history’ determined from the test, the court held that determination of sexual history and dragging it to defy the rape complaint violates Article 4(2)(a) of Pakistan’s Constitution. Article 4(2)(a) holds that “no action detrimental to the life, liberty, body, reputation or property of any person shall be taken except in accordance with the law.” Reliance is also placed upon Article 14 of the Constitution, which talks about an individual’s dignity and makes it inviolable. Previously, the full bench of Federal Shariat Court of Pakistan, while deciding upon Article 151(4) of the Qanun-e-Shahadat order 1984, which provided to show that a rape victim was of a generally immoral character to dilapidate her credibility, held that this provision to be repugnant and inadmissible after Pakistan’s Criminal Law Amendment Act, 2016. Moreover, the Punjab Witness Protection Act, 2018 under Section 12(3) categorically forbids the courts to note questions against the victim on any previous sexual behaviour. The Lahore High Court before the appeal to the Supreme Court also relied upon the judgment of the Indian Supreme Court pronounced in Rajesh & another v. State of Haryana, where it was held that this test violates the rights of a rape victim to privacy, physical and mental integrity, and dignity.It is also pertinent to note that TFT has been seen as a degradation of human dignity and human rights on the international platforms for the unreasonable and unnecessary interference with the woman’s reputation. In 2018, the United Nations (UN) Human Rights, UN Women, and the World Health Organization (WHO), jointly called for a ban on this practice.  The UN agencies noted the term ‘virginity is neither scientific nor medical but has evolved through social, cultural, and religious constructs. Article 2(d) and 2(f) of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) prohibits any discriminatory practice against women by public authorities or any other person.Article 7 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) further prohibits any “cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment.” The aim of Article 7 is not to protect the physical integrity but the dignity and mental integrity of the individual.  However, apart from being a violation of human rights and dignity, TFT also adversely affects health. The examination in case of rape causes extreme pain and mimic of the crime, leading to trauma and re-victimization.According to the WHO, women in at least 20 counties are subjected to this cruel violation of human rights, including Belgium, the Netherlands, and Britain. In 2018, Afghanistan criminalized TFT through its new penal code, though leverage was left upon the courts’ discretion. However, there is a need for a categorical international sanction on the continuation of TFT on the Pakistan Supreme Court’s lines, which has held that these rights are non-negotiable.last_img read more

Reports warn of UK power crisis

first_imgRenewables RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR No posts to display His comments echo repeated warnings from the power industry itself that the UK is storing up trouble. Ian Russell, the chief executive of Scottish Power, said: “Demand is rising, there are very few new power stations being built, coal-fired plant will start to close soon because of tougher environmental requirements, wind power is expensive and there is little financial incentive to invest in energy efficiency. Put all that together and you have an issue about security of supply.” Reports warn of UK power crisis 3.11.2004 Facebook There is also mounting concern about under-investment in the UK’s £16bn transmission network, blamed by some for the power blackouts last summer in London and Birmingham. The National Grid is replacing only 1 per cent of its network a year and reckons it needs to double investment to £300m a year to keep pace. Meanwhile, the distribution companies need to increase investment to connect up the new sources of renewable energy. Previous articleStudy to evaluate nuclear power as alternative to natural gas receives DOE financial assistanceNext articleDetroit Edison’s River Rouge Power Plant celebrates the facility’s ISO 14001 certification chloecox Responding to report, Alistair Buchanan, Chief Executive of energy regulator Ofgem, said: “Ofgem recognises that investment in the electricity networks is essential in helping to ensure long-term security of supply. Ofgem’s primary duty is to protect consumers, present and future, and so we look for companies to provide value for money for their customers by investing in an efficient and timely way – not too soon, not too late. No electricity system can guarantee 100 per cent security at all times. Consequently, there are important trade-offs between the costs and benefits of spending more to improve security of supply. Although there are planning consents to build seven new gas- fired stations with a combined capacity of 5500 MW, these expire in 2005 and none are likely to get the go-ahead soon because of the high price of natural gas. TAGSComEd There is also growing concern that the big expansion of renewable energy planned by ministers will not be enough to bridge the gap created by the phasing out of nuclear and coal-fired stations, except at the cost of unacceptably high electricity bills. A raft of reports published Wednesday highlighted the threat posed to the UK. The influential Commons Trade and Industry Committee warned that while power cuts on the scale seen in the US and Italy last year are unlikely to happen here in the short term, there is an urgent need to increase investment in electricity transmission and distribution. By chloecox – center_img Twitter Renewable project management firm Bradley acquired by Bureau Veritas Coal-fired stations, which last year produced 35 per cent of Britain’s electricity, will begin closing in 2008 when a new Brussels directive designed to curb acid gas emissions from large combustion plant comes into force. Britain’s ageing Magnox nuclear reactors will also start to shut. Linkedin Meanwhile, a report from the Royal Academy of Engineering says the Government’s reliance on offshore wind energy to meet the UK’s environmental targets and guarantee security of supply could result in a doubling of electricity prices. “If we don’t get our energy policy correct and affordable, we run a real risk of blackouts in the future,” the society’s vice-president, Philip Ruffles, said. David Porter, the chief executive of the Association of Electricity Producers, also warned that Britain’s electricity industry was facing a crunch in the next few years. “There are enough power stations around now to meet demand if we can lure them back on to the system with higher prices. But we have a number of closures of nuclear and coal-fired stations coming up and the only alternative is renewable energy which is not coming on stream as fast as the Government would wish. There are some really serious issues to debate.” Facebook Twitter A BBC documentary tonight will paint an apocalyptic vision of a Britain plunged into darkness by a terrorist attack on a Russian gas terminal, which cuts off supplies to UK power stations. A report by the disaster recovery group NCC calculates that half the UK government and a third of business would face shutdown in the event of a blackout lasting more than 24 hours. The Energy Information Centre said that, whilst the programme made for thought provoking entertainment, the issues had to be kept in perspective. Ofgem said that it welcomed the Committee’s view that ‘gold-plating’ infrastructure would not be worth the cost. “We were reassured, however, that everyone who gave evidence to the Committee agreed that investment levels in the electricity system were comparatively high and that they are being maintained year on year,” said Buchanan.” 11 March 2004 – Britain is facing a looming energy crisis because of under- investment in the electricity network, an accelerating programme of power station closures and increased reliance on overseas gas supplies, the Government were warned yesterday. Linkedin Avista considering RNG on way to net-zero carbon goals Voith Hydro supplying pumped storage equipment to pair with Idaho combined solar-wind project last_img read more

Para-Dressage Coach Andrea Taylor Awarded Petro Canada Coaching Excellence Award

first_img We’ll send you our regular newsletter and include you in our monthly giveaways. PLUS, you’ll receive our exclusive Rider Fitness digital edition with 15 exercises for more effective riding. Subscribe to the Horse Sport newsletter and get an exclusive bonus digital edition! Horse Sport Enews Email* SIGN UP Ottawa, ON—Para-Equestrian Canada is pleased to announce that Andrea Taylor, of Langley, BC, has been awarded the Petro Canada Coaching Excellence Award in recognition of her achievements at the 2008 Paralympic Games.  As the national team coach of Para-Equestrian Canada, Taylor coached rider Lauren Barwick to individual gold and silver medal finishes in the sport of Para-Dressage.Taylor is a seasoned international dressage competitor who became involved in Para-Dressage when she donated her own Grand Prix horse, Dior, to Barwick to ride at the 2004 Paralympic Games. Taylor has coached many successful riders in British Columbia, including adult amateurs, junior and young riders.  As an athlete, Taylor competed internationally at the Grand Prix level with Dior. In 1989, she was a member of the gold medal team and won the individual gold medal at the North American Young Riders Championships. She has been a short and long-listed rider with the Canadian dressage team, and in 2000, Taylor represented Canada at the International Dressage Derby in Sydney, AUS, where she won the team bronze medal and was named Leading Foreign Rider.“I am honoured to receive this award as recognition for something I absolutely love to do—work with inspiring, goal oriented, driven athletes. Truthfully though, this award comes to me as the result of a group effort from many people: personal trainers to parents and from support staff to our chef d’équipe,” remarked Taylor. “These are people who went to the Paralympics to help our Canadian riders have an unforgettable and successful experience. Without them I could not have focused on doing my job to the best of my ability. I say a huge thanks to them as I receive this award!”Taylor will be presented with her award at the Sport Leadership Awards Dinner in Calgary, November 7, 2008.Petro-Canada recognizes coaches whose athletes have won medals in open world championships, at an Olympic Games, at a Special Olympics World Games or at a Paralympic Games. Recipients of the Petro-Canada Coaching Excellence Award are some of Canada’s most outstanding national team coaches. These coaches have dedicated their time and efforts to ensuring that athletes reach their potential on the international stage. More from Horse Sport:Christilot Boylen Retires From Team SportAfter an exemplary career as one of Canada’s top Dressage riders, seven-time Olympian Christilot Boylen has announced her retirement from team competition.2020 Royal Agricultural Winter Fair CancelledFor only the second time in its history, The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair has been cancelled but plans are being made for some virtual competitions.Royal Agricultural Winter Fair Statement on 2020 EventAs the Province of Ontario starts to reopen, The Royal’s Board and staff will adhere to all recommendations put forward by government and health officials.Government Financial Assistance for Ontario FarmersOntario Equestrian has recently released this update of several financial assistance packages available, including those for farm business.last_img read more

Minneapolis Police Department vows not to ‘disrupt’ George Floyd memorial

first_imgJason Armond / Los Angeles Times via Getty ImagesBy ROSA SANCHEZ, ABC News(MINNEAPOLIS) — The Minneapolis Police Department will not alter or remove George Floyd’s memorial amid ongoing protests.“We respect the memory of him and will not disrupt the meaningful artifacts that honor the importance of his life,” the police department tweeted Saturday.The tribute, which is located at 38th Street and Chicago Avenue — near where Floyd was killed on Memorial Day when a Minneapolis police officer kneeled on his neck for nearly nine minutes — has become the mourning place for hundreds of people over the past few weeks, and the center for various Black Lives Matter protests.Mourners have left flowers at the location and painted murals of Floyd on the outer walls of Cup Foods. They have even erected a wooden sculpture of an upraised fist — a symbol of the Black Lives Matter movement — in the middle of the intersection.Many hope to turn the memorial into a permanent shrine honoring Floyd’s memory and the memory of others who have died at the hands of police.All four officers involved in Floyd’s death have been fired from the force. Derek Chauvin, the officer who kneeled on Floyd’s neck as Floyd pleaded for his life, has been charged with second-degree murder, third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter.The other three officers who were present at the time of Floyd’s arrest and death have been charged with aiding and abetting second-degree murder and aiding and abetting second-degree manslaughter. None have entered a plea. Copyright © 2020, ABC Audio. All rights reserved.last_img read more

Several deaths have been connected to protests, but the story is more complicated

first_imgTaphouse_Studios/iStockBy BILL HUTCHINSON, ABC News(NEW YORK) — The images are stark — people clashing with police, buildings on fire, vandalism, shootings and even killings.Some, including President Donald Trump, appear to have conflated some of the violence across the nation with protests that have sprung up in the wake of the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police.But an ABC News examination of a string of fatal and non-fatal confrontations that have occurred amidst the unrest has found the alleged motive for most of the carnage in those incidents are not directly linked to peaceful civil disobedience.The recent shooting deaths of two men in Kenosha, Wisconsin, during a protest over a police shooting that left Jacob Blake, a 29-year-old Black man, paralyzed, and the death of Aaron “Jay” Danielson, a 39-year-old white man, fatally shot in Portland, Oregon, coincided with ongoing demonstrations but the motives remain under investigation.Some of the deaths have allegedly been perpetrated by suspects with their own agendas that do not include social justice; others have allegedly been carried out by agitators seeking to use the protests as cover for their own purposes, including looting and other violent acts. Some may have resulted from personal disputes.Protests nationwide began in the aftermath of the May 25 death of Floyd, a handcuffed Black man captured on cellphone video pleading for his life as Minneapolis police officers held him face-down on the ground, one with a knee planted on the back of Floyd’s neck.Here are a dozen deaths examined by ABC News that have occurred during the protests in which police have either charged suspects, identified those allegedly involved, or obtained video of the crimes:Armed teenager arrested in Kenosha double slayA group of armed individuals gathered in Kenosha, claiming they were there to help police protect businesses in the city of 100,000 after buildings were set ablaze and stores were looted during protests in the wake of Blake’s shooting. Investigators say they suspect that among the group was 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse, who was seen in cellphone videos armed with an AR-15 style rifle.Prosecutors allege Rittenhouse, who at one time was part of a youth public safety program run by local Illinois police, shot and killed two men, Anthony Huber, 26, and Joseph Rosenbaum, 36, and wounded a third man, during an Aug. 25 protest. Attorneys for Rittenhouse, who was arrested and charged with two counts of first-degree intentional homicide and reckless homicide, said he acted in self-defense.Trump has declined to condemn Rittenhouse, who is being charged as an adult and has yet to enter a plea, saying at an Aug. 31 news conference that the teenager’s actions amounted to “self-defense.”“He probably would have been killed,” Trump said at the news conference.Fatal shooting in PortlandAaron “Jay” Danielson, 39, was shot to death on Aug. 29 in Portland. Danielson, of Portland, was part of a group of people who described themselves as Trump supporters who came to Portland en masse and clashed with protesters. Friends said he was also a supporter of the right-wing group “Patriot Prayer.”Last Thursday night, a 48-year-old Washington man wanted in Danielson’s death was fatally shot when a federal task force comprised of FBI and U.S. Marshals attempted to arrest him. Authorities allege the suspect, Michael Reinoehl, pulled a gun on the federal agents as they moved in to take him into custody in Lacey, Washington.Reinoehl is believed to be the same man who appeared in a Vice News interview that aired Thursday night, in which he claimed he was providing security for the Black Lives Matter protests in Portland and appeared to say he shot Danielson in self-defense. Police have not commented on a motive for the shooting.Police said Danielson was fatally shot in the chest during a confrontation around 8:46 p.m. that was caught on cellphone video by a videographer who told ABC News that Trump supporters fired paintball guns and pepper spray at protesters from the backs of pickup trucks as they rolled through the city. Police said the caravan had mostly cleared out of the downtown Portland area when the shooting occurred.During a briefing on Aug. 31, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany mentioned Danielson, saying, “The president believes that people of all ideologies should be able to peacefully protest and not have their lives put at risk like Aaron ‘Jay’ Danielson.”Reading a statement at a news conference on Aug. 30, Chandler Pappas, a friend and business partner of Danielson’s, mourned him as “a good man” killed “senselessly.”“He was Christian. He was conservative,” Pappas said.Protester fatally shot in AustinGarrett Foster, 28, was pushing his wheelchair-bound fiancee during a protest on July 25 in Austin, Texas, when police say a car drove into a crowd of demonstrators marching in a street and was quickly surrounded. Police said Foster was carrying an AK-47-type rifle when he was allegedly shot three times by the driver.The driver was identified as Daniel Perry, an active-duty U.S. Army sergeant based at Fort Hood, by his own attorney, Clint Broden.Perry, who was working as an Uber driver the night of the shooting to earn extra money, surrendered to police for questioning but was later released, Broden said. Austin police have only confirmed that the person who shot Garrett was released pending further investigation.Broden released a statement saying Perry did not know a protest was taking place when he turned down Congress Avenue in downtown Austin and found himself surrounded by demonstrators. He alleged that protesters began banging on Perry’s car and that Garrett motioned for him to roll down his window before raising the barrel of his gun at him.Broden said Perry shot Garrett in self-defense and that someone else in the crowd fired a gun at Perry’s car as he drove away. Broden released photos of the damage to Perry’s car that he claimed was caused by protesters, including an image of a bullet hole in the vehicle.Austin police have not publicly confirmed Perry’s account of what transpired and said the shooting remains under investigation.Fatal Seattle hit and runSummer Taylor, 27, died from injuries suffered when a car plowed into Black Lives Matter demonstrators on July 4 on a Seattle freeway that had been shut down for days due to the civil unrest, police said. The incident also left another protester, Diaz Love, severely injured.Surveillance video captured the 2013 Jaguar apparently speeding down the freeway, swerving around cars supporting the protest that were blocking the lanes and striking Taylor and Love, who were walking on the shoulder, knocking them into the air, over the roof of the vehicle and onto the pavement. Police said the driver kept going but was followed by a protester in a car, who forced him to stop.The driver, Dawit Kelete, 27 — who has pleaded not guilty to charges of vehicular manslaughter, vehicular assault and reckless driving — allegedly entered the closed freeway at 1:40 a.m. by going the wrong way on an exit ramp, and drove at high speed toward a crowd of people protesting the police-involved death of Floyd, authorities said. Kelete, who is Black, was not participating in the protest.His lawyer, John Henry Browne, called the incident a “horrible, horrible accident” and said, “there’s absolutely nothing political about this case whatsoever.” Police have not commented on whether they believe the incident was intentional.Fatal shootings at Seattle’s protest zoneLorenzo Anderson, 19, died after being shot June 20 in an area of downtown Seattle that had been taken over by protesters and called the “Capitol Hill Occupied Protest” (CHOP) zone close to the city police department’s East Precinct. But police say Anderson’s death appears not to be related to the demonstrations over the death of Floyd.Last month, King County prosecutors filed murder charges in the shooting against Marcel Levon Long and a $2 million warrant was issued for his arrest. Long has yet to be located, officials said.Long was charged after investigators reviewed surveillance video allegedly showing the suspect and Anderson arguing, prosecutors said. Security video showed Long chasing Anderson with a gun, prosecutors said. At one point, according to prosecutors, several people occupying the CHOP zone tried to stop the suspect who they say broke free and ended up allegedly shooting Anderson multiple times.The incident appears to be unrelated to the protests, police say, adding that a witness told investigators the shooting possibly stemmed from an old dispute between the men.Another fatal shooting occurred near the CHOP zone on June 29 in which a 16-year-old boy police identified as Antonio Mays Jr. died after being shot while driving a Jeep. Police have yet to make an arrest in Mays’ killing and have not released a motive for the shooting but said they do not suspect it was linked to the ongoing protest.The killings prompted authorities to clear the CHOP zone of camped-out protesters on July 1.California protester killed by motoristRobert Forbes, 56, died on June 6, three days after he was hit by a car during a protest in Bakersfield, California, according to the coroner’s office and police. Forbes was among protesters marching in a darkened roadway when he was struck by a driver, who claimed he didn’t see the protesters in the street until it was too late to avoid striking Forbes.Police said the driver was not charged.“There was no report of the driver accelerating or making movements to indicate he was targeting the pedestrian,” Bakersfield police said in a statement.The driver later posted a message on Facebook, writing that the incident was not intentional.“I did not and would not ever run into or hit anyone with my car,” he wrote.Retired police captain fatally shotRetired St. Louis Police Capt. David Dorn, 77, was fatally shot on June 2 in St. Louis when he went to investigate an alarm going off at a friend’s pawn shop and found a group of people looting the business, police said. When Dorn approached the shop, the suspect was walking to his car and holding a gun in his hand, police said in a statement citing surveillance video.Stephan Cannon, 24, who was convicted of felony assault and robbery in St. Louis County in 2013, was arrested and charged with first-degree murder. He has pleaded not guilty.“At the time the shots were fired, (Cannon) was the only person standing at that corner,” according to a probable cause statement filed in the case that cited the surveillance video. “Multiple plumes of smoke” were also seen coming from where Cannon was standing, the statement said, and police said they found shell casings at the spot.Dorn’s death came on a violent night in St. Louis in which numerous businesses were looted as protests over Floyd’s death were simultaneously occurring. But police and prosecutors have released no evidence that Cannon participated in the protests.Dorn’s widow, Ann Dorn, a St. Louis Metropolitan Police officer, spoke at the Republican National Convention (RNC) last month in support of Trump’s reelection, saying, “violence and destruction are not legitimate forms of protest. President Trump understands this.”Fatally shot by National GuardDavid McAtee, 53, owner of a barbecue restaurant in Louisville, Kentucky, was shot dead by a member of the Kentucky National Guard while in his own business during a night of protests on June 1, authorities said.McAtee, described as a “pillar of our community” by his family’s attorney, was cooking in his restaurant, located miles from where protests were occurring in downtown Louisville over the death of Breonna Taylor, a 26-year-old emergency medical technician fatally shot by police in her Louisville home. Police and National Guard troops responded to reports of a crowd gathering near McAtee’s eatery in violation of a curfew, said J. Michael Brown, secretary of the state’s executive Cabinet, who released preliminary findings of an investigation.At least one police officer was seen on a surveillance video released by police officials shooting pepper balls at the restaurant where McAtee was inside with other people, and investigators say they suspect McAtee responded by allegedly firing a gun in the direction of police and guardsmen, Brown said. One of the guardsmen, armed with a rifle, returned fire, hitting McAtee in the chest as he stood in a doorway, Brown said.The shooting prompted Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer to fire police Chief Steve Conrad when he learned that the two police officers involved in the incident and who also returned fire failed to activate their body cameras.No charges have been file in the case, which remains under investigation.Air Force sergeant charged in fed agent’s deathFederal agent Dave Patrick Underwood, 53, was killed and his partner was wounded during an ambush shooting on May 29 as he guarded a federal building in Oakland, California, during protests that erupted over Floyd’s death, officials said.Steven Carrillo, 32, an active-duty Air Force sergeant, and Richard Justus, 30, were arrested and charged with one count of federal murder and attempted murder, authorities said. Carrillo was also charged with murder in the June 6 shooting death of Santa Cruz County, California, Sheriff’s Sgt. Damon Gutzwiller, 38.Federal prosecutors allege Carrillo and Justus are linked to an emerging movement called “boogaloo,” a term used by far-right extremists to signify a coming civil war and/or fall of civilization, according to federal court documents.Carrillo and Justus have pleaded not guilty to the charges.During a speech at the RNC, Vice President Mike Pence invoked Underwood’s name, saying the federal agent “was shot and killed during the riots in Oakland” without mentioning Carrillo and Justus’ alleged involvement.Prosecutors said Carrillo and Justus were not involved in the protests.Allegedly shot dead by one-time family friendItalia Kelly was hanging out of a car window chanting for justice along with other protesters on May 31 in Davenport, Iowa, when a man fatally shot her, police said. The 22-year-old woman’s family said they initially thought she was the target of a random shooting and her sister, Jasmine, said in a Facebook Live video shortly after the shooting, “A protester shot my sister.”But when police arrested Parker Beltz, 21, and charged him with first-degree murder, Kelly’s family said they immediately recognized him.“We were surprised. My other daughter, Italia’s sister, was best friends with him in middle school,” Kelly’s mother, Sharon Kelly, told ABC affiliate station WQAD-TV in Moline, Illinois. “We have a lot of photos of him with Italia, with other members of the family, with friends that we consider family.”In a criminal complaint, Davenport police alleged Beltz committed the shooting “with premeditation, malice aforethought and intent to kill” and Kelly’s mother said Italia had been in a dispute with Beltz over Facebook posts. Beltz has yet to enter a plea.Run over by FedEx truck at freeway protestBarry Perkins was among a crowd of protesters who blocked a freeway in St. Louis, Missouri, on May 30 in a demonstration over George Floyd’s death when some people who appeared to be involved in the civil unrest were recorded on cell-phone video looting a FedEx tractor-trailer rig bogged down in traffic, according to the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department.Perkins, 29, was killed by the truck when the driver suddenly accelerated, dragging Perkins underneath his rig, according to police. The driver told police he was unaware he struck someone and police ruled the incident an accident.An attorney for Perkins’ family released a statement claiming Perkins was “peacefully protesting the death of George Floyd and was not looting when he was dragged” by the truck.Copyright © 2020, ABC Audio. All rights reserved.last_img read more

Core Faculty, ACCE – DPT Program

first_imgPrepares and delivers course instruction as assignedMaintains environment conducive to learning and facilitatesstudent participationAssesses student performance, monitors student progress, andprovides timely feedbackInteracts with program faculty at all campuses regardingclinical education and doctoral experiential component/residencycurriculum Maintains the procedures for clinical site selection,utilization, and assessmentMaintains an adequate number of clinical education sitesrelative to quality, quantity and diversity of learning experiencesto meet the educational needs of students, the philosophy andoutcomes of the program, and CAPTE evaluative criteriaProvides clinical education site development through ongoingevaluation and assessment of strengths and areas for development(e.g., in service training, discontinue student placements) asapproved by the Program Directors 3. Clinical Faculty Development Advises entry-level students with academic and/or personalissues 2. Advisement Demonstrating mutual respect for each member of the team andthe policies of the university; displays positive interpersonalrelationshipsBeing attentive to staff job responsibilities and chain ofcommandParticipating in the planning and coordination of clinicaleducation functionsCommunicating regularly and clearly with all members of theteamDemonstrating a productive attitude toward improvementprocesses within the department Collaborates with clinical faculty to promote, coordinate,plan, and provide clinical faculty development opportunities usingeffective instructional methodologies and technologies withapproval of the Program DirectorsEncourages clinical faculty to participate in local, statewide,and national forumsMaintains knowledge of current trends in health care and itsaffect on clinical education and apprises clinical educators andfaculty of any changing trendsMentors other academic faculty about their role andresponsibilities related to clinical education (e.g., clinical sitevisits, determining readiness for the clinic) 4. Service 5. Clinical Education Program Planning, Implementation, andAssessment LICENSURE and/or CERTIFICATIONMust be currently licensed as a PhysicalTherapist in campus specific state.TRAVELTravel is an expectation and requirement ofthe position. Site visits to clinical and doctoral residencylocations is often required to assess the suitability of the siteand to monitor student’s performance. Visits to sites may beinitiated by the site or the ACCE.BUSINESS COMPETENCIESTo perform the job successfully, an individual should demonstratethe following competencies: Communicates between the Academic Institution and AffiliatedClinical Education Sites The mission of The University of St. Augustine for Health Sciencesis the development of professional health care practitionersthrough innovation, individualized, and quality classroom,clinical, and distance education. GENERAL SUMMARYThe ACCE is responsible for coordinating and overseeing theclinical education portion of the DPT curriculum. This is a facultyposition with teaching, scholarship, advisement, and serviceresponsibilities in addition to the administration of clinicaleducation. This position requires significant contact withstudents, outside constituents, professional consortiums, and ACCEfaculty at the other USA campuses.ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES SUPERVISED BY THE PROGRAMDIRECTOR1. Course management 3. Scholarship Serves on programmatic and university committees asassignedServes as university liaison in community and/or professionalactivities Works under the direction of the Clinical Education DepartmentHead to support a collaborative environment in the clinicaleducation office with behaviors such as: Sets scholarship plan, implements plan as prescribed byaccreditation standards Communicates with all concerned stakeholders (e.g., clinicaleducation sites, clinical faculty and students) to maintain currentknowledge of the educational program, the clinical education sites,and health care changes affecting clinical practice andeducationCommunicates and oversees communication with CenterCoordinators of Clinical Education (CCCEs), Clinical Instructors(CIs), and students to assess student performance. Providesguidance and support as required to problem solve and discusspertinent issues with students, CIs, CCCEsPlaces, supervises, and communicates with students while onclinical experiences.Evaluates each clinical education site through studentfeedback, on-site visits, and ongoing communications, and routinelyshares this information with academic and clinical facultiesCoordinates and plans clinical education with othercampuses/programs and clinical education staffAttends Clinical Education Meetings and local consortiummeetings OTHER DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIESOther responsibilities as assigned by the Academic ProgramDirectorPOSITION IN ORGANIZATIONReports to:Academic Program Director/Assistant Academic Program DirectorCollaborates with: Clinical Education AssociatesTECHNICAL, MANAGERIAL & PEOPLE SKILLS REQUIREDTo perform this job successfully an individual must be able toperform each essential duty satisfactorily. The requirements listedbelow are representative of the knowledge, skill, and/or abilityrequired. Incumbents will be evaluated, in part, based onperformance of each essential function. Reasonable accommodationsmay be made to enable individuals with disabilities to performessential functions.EDUCATION and/or EXPERIENCETerminal Degree RequiredA minimum of 2 years of teaching experience at thecollege/university level at Instructor rank.Experience with distance learning preferred.A minimum of 2 years of clinical experience in the area ofcourse content required.Experience in scholarly activity preferred. Development of students as clinicians in all domains ofprofessional clinical practice; appropriately assesses studentlearning and performanceCoordinates or participates in the development of clinicaleducation facultyAnalyzes the clinical education and doctoral experientialcomponent/residency program academic outcomes for compliance toaccreditation standardsAdvances the vision of the profession and delivers new ideaswith a forward-looking perspective of clinical educationAppropriately communicates to faculty and program directors onstudent and curriculum information ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES IN COLLABORATION WITH THECLINICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Committed to Mission and Values – Has a clear understandingof institution’s mission and values. Has a passion for facilitatinglearning and for enabling students to navigate their own learningjourney.Contribute Knowledge to the Discipline – Compelled by theopportunity to contribute through research, scholarshipprofessional practice or creativity.Accountable -Takes personal responsibility for own goals andoutcomes to ensure student success. Establishes clear expectations,follows through on commitments to students and holds themaccountable for assignments and performanceCollaborative – Works cooperatively with others across theinstitution and beyond, including the community and throughpartnerships. Represents own interests while being inclusive andfair to others.Communicates Effectively – Adapts oral and writtencommunication approach and style to the audience and based on themessage. Also listens attentively to others.Drives Engagement – Makes students feel welcome, understoodand valued. Creates a learning environment that is compelling,challenging and productive.Academic Discipline Expertise – Has sufficient credentials,industry expertise and/or experience in the discipline to teachaccording to the standards and qualifications required.Education Design – Designs learning experiences closelylinked to learning outcomes including lesson planning, design ofproject, work integrated, group learning experiences, orinteractive learning objects. Has depth of expertise in pedagogy,andragogy and overall learning effectiveness.Teaching Delivery/Learning Facilitation Skills – Managessmall, large, blended, hybrid and/or online classrooms, monitoringand ensuring participation, managing ones own and students time andattention effectively. Clinical Site Development WORK ENVIRONMENTWork is performed primarily in a standard office environment butmay involve exposure to moderate noise levels. Work involvesoperation of personal computer equipment for six to eight hoursdaily and includes physical demands associated with a traditionaloffice setting, e.g., walking, standing, communicating, and otherphysical functions as necessary.The University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences is an equalopportunity at will employer and does not discriminate against anyemployee or applicant for employment because of age, race,religion, color, disability, sex, sexual orientation or nationalorigin.last_img read more

CAMP Advising Specialist

first_imgUniversity of IdahoCAMP Advising SpecialistLocation: MoscowDivision/College: President’s AreaEmployee Category: ExemptPay Range: $40,352 per year or higher depending onexperience and educationFull/Part Time: Full TimePosition Summary:The CAMP Advising Specialist is a Temporary Classified appointmentthrough June 2025, contingent upon federal funding. Under thedirection of the College Assistance Migrant Program Director, theCAMP Advising Specialist will provide advising and academic supportservices primarily for students coming from a migrant/seasonalfarmworking background. This position will focus on academicsuccess, leadership training and community building for first yearCAMP Scholars and follow-up and referral services to continuingCAMP Scholars from their sophomore through senior years ofstudy.The CAMP Advising Specialist will remain current on generaleducation, academic program, and degree audit requirements, changesin academic policy, and software and technology related todelivering academic advising services and information. The CAMPAdvising Specialist is expected to work closely with the staff inUniversity Advising Services, Registrar’s Office, Academic SupportPrograms, Career Services, Polya Mathematics Lab, Writing Center,Student Support Services, Counseling and Testing Center, and otherdepartments to provide the support services needed for theretention and completion of the students’ undergraduate degree. Theposition will complete other duties as assigned by the CollegeAssistance Migrant Program Director.General responsibilities include meeting weekly with CAMP Scholars;monitoring academic progress of current and former CAMP studentsthroughout the year, documenting activities and services; assessingand providing academic tutoring opportunities for students;overseeing study table sessions; guiding and mentoring students incareer exploration and coursework; advising/mentoring students onpersonal, financial, career, social, cultural, and academic relatedmatters; facilitating workshops and cultural/social activities; andcollaborating with a wide variety of university resources andpersonnel to provide students with comprehensive and culturallyappropriate services. Minimum Qualifications:Bachelor’s degree• Bilingual in Spanish and English• Demonstrated experience in:- Working with students from a migrant/seasonal farm-workingbackground.- Working with students in a mentoring and/or advising role.- Researching, interpreting, and applying university policies andprocedures demonstrating considerable knowledge of academic issuesand graduation requirements.- Program management and balancing multiple priorities anddeadlines.- Explaining policies and/or procedures to others.- Editing and writing business correspondence using proper grammarand punctuation as demonstrated in application materials.- Using computer software and applications for word processing,email, internet research and social media engagement.- Working in an environment that requires maintaining strictconfidentiality.- Working with a team to accomplish shared goals. Background Check: Applicants who are selected as finalpossible candidates may be required to pass a criminal backgroundcheck.To apply, please visit: jobs.uidaho.eduEEO StatementUniversity of Idaho is an Equal Opportunity/AffirmativeAction/Veterans/Disability Employer. Preferred Qualifications:• 1-2 years of experience organizing, coordinating and/or managingacademic retention programs.• Previous work experience with the College Assistance MigrantProgram (CAMP).• Excellent interpersonal communication skills with an ability tointerface professionally with departments, staff, faculty andstudents.• Experience in researching, interpreting, and applying universitypolicies and procedures demonstrating considerable knowledge ofacademic issues and graduation requirements.• Experience in office management and recordkeeping.• Demonstrated experience in culturally responsive programdevelopment and implementation.• Personal experience related to migrant or seasonal farmworkstatus. Posting Number: SP002686PPosting Date: 01/07/2021Closing Date:Open Until Filled: YesSpecial Instructions:Please submit application materials no later than February 26, 2021to receive first consideration. Physical Requirements & Working Conditions:Ability to: Work evening, occasional weekend hours andholidays. jeid-dcb086f477027c4394072dd486c025d1last_img read more

SWISS FINAL: Kadetten lead 2:0!

first_imgShareTweetShareShareEmail Swiss team with two wins in Portugal ShareTweetShareShareEmailCommentsKadetten Schafhausen is on the right way to take back the trophy for the best Swiss team! Team coached by Markus Baur won the second match of the Play-Off Final over Pfadi Winterthur 27:26 in front of 2.000 home fans  and now lead 2:0 in the final series.The third match will be played in Winterthur next Sunday.Playoff Final: Kadetten Schaffhausen – Pfadi Winterthur 27:26 (15:14)Kadetten: Vaskevicius(1.-21. Uns 31.-60. Minute /11 saves), Maier(one save), Kukucka(2), Emrich(4), Graubner(2),  Pendic, Mamic(2), Starczan(3), Stojanovic(4), Heer, Jurca(6/6), Muggli(1),  Tominec(3), Geisser; Bemerkungen: Schelbert; Cvijetic, Küttel, Goepfert  Related Items:kadetten, Schaffhausen, Swiss handball Wacker Thun new Swiss champions in dramatic finish! Gabor Csaszar to Kadetten Schaffhausen Click to comment Recommended for you Leave a Reply Cancel replyYour email address will not be published.Comment Name Email Website Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.last_img read more