first_imgHow do I assure that my pet’s newborn litter finds a good home? To find a good home for your litter spread the word that you are putting them up for adoption well in advance. You can even contact rescue groups or animal shelters to help you find some potential adopters. When you have someone eager to adopt you should properly screen the person and take an interview to ensure that the baby will go into a loving and caring household. Once you have found someone whom you think would be a good and responsible animal owner, invite the person to come spend time with the litter on a regular basis to get them familiarized. Also Read – Feel what you fearAlso, explain any details about taking care of the animal, any precautions or things to prepare in advance. Also work out details like who will get the litter sprayed and neutered and other details in advance. After the litter goes to their new homes keep in touch with the new owners for a while to ensure that they do not have second thoughts about adopting a pet or face other problems. If possible do a home check to confirm that they have got all the necessary items ready to welcome their new family member. Also Read – Homecoming My guinea pig seems to have blood in his urine. What should I do? If your guinea pig is peeing red coloured urine then it can by be a symptom of uroliths or bladder stones. This can be very serious ailment for your pet and very painful as well. Sometimes if the stone are small they can pass out on their own but if they are big they can get struck in the urethra or cause irritation in the bladder. Sometimes these stones can cause a tear inside the bladder leading to serious complications. If you notice any symptoms like blood in the urine, pain in the abdomen area, change in urination patterns or not urinating at all then immediately consult your vet. It is possible to avoid further complications and problems if the condition is caught early. As preventive measures, give your Guinea pig plenty of water and a healthy and balanced diet to reduce chances of getting uroliths. My rabbit bit me. Is it dangerous? Do I need to get shots? If your pet rabbit has bitten you, the first step is to properly clean the wound and apply a disinfectant. If the wound is deep or does not stop bleeding then it is best to consult your physician. If your rabbit has not been vaccinated then tetanus shot will be necessary. Even if your rabbit is vaccinated, it is recommended to get your tetanus shots periodically (every 10 years), but if you have not had a shot in the past 5 years then it is safer to get a tetanus injection. (Views expressed and information provided are personal. Send your questions to [email protected])last_img read more