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HOLY [EXPLETIVE] THE VERY END OF LOST” Netflix launched a website Tuesday that has but one goal: To purposefully spoil some of the biggest twists in popular TV shows and movies in a neatly-packaged 20-second clip In the name of journalistic curiosity I had to learn more The homepage to the torture chamber gives a warning of Dante-esque proportions: “Behind this door lie some of the biggest spoilers in TV and film What you are about to see cannot be unseen” A second roadblock reiterated the question echoing in my head: “Are you sure” I abandoned all hope I pressed the red button I entered Netflix’s Spoil Yourself is a game of Russian rouletteyou don’t know what is going to get ruined until it has been well ruined But there’s an adrenal rush that eggs you on to pull the trigger Every click was exhilarating: Primal Fear (Already seen it Phew) Breaking Bad (I would have been REAL mad if that got spoiled) Good Morning Vietnam WAIT NO I HADN’T SEEN THAT ONE IT WAS IN MY QUEUE NO My day was ruined I only have myself to blame Write to Laura Stampler at [email protected] 2014 LUCY NICHOLSON—REUTERS Voters fill out their ballots in a gym on election day at St" Prakash tweeted Tax will be paid and it will not be pocketed because I have a duty to appropriately deploy the money Raj had alleged on Sunday that the MNS corporators who had defected had "received Rs 5 crore from Shiv Sena" saying on its Facebook page: "To best describe this event the president’s eldest son was among those cheering Shine’s hiring on Thursday – while also anticipating a backlash from the left"On your marks get set it’ll come back to bite you despite getting a hand to itTIME foreign affairs columnist Ian Bremmer had a chance to speak recently with Argentina’s reformist President Mauricio Macri His piece is in this week’s edition of TIMEwhat follows is a transcript of their conversation in full: Argentina is undergoing a transition and a process of economic and political change Some of these changes have been painful for segments of the population How do you evaluate the results so far and what do you think are the major challenges ahead We knew it wasn’t going to be easy theres still a long way to go but we are pleased with the results they show were moving in the right direction while ensuring we dont leave behind the most vulnerable and in need The situation we inherited was complicated: the economy had been stagnant for five years with rampant inflation while politics was too focused on conflict and competition; there was little respect for groups of people who thought differently and absolutely no dialogue Immediately we started to eliminate obstacles to growth and reduce inflation and we are starting to see the fruits of this: inflation is clearly on a downward path investments are picking up and there are signs that economic activity is recovering Optimism amongst the business community here is the highest its been in 15 years It was also very important for us from day one to try to bring about a change in the way politics in Argentina is conducted: weve opened up political dialogue were placing a very high value on cooperation and teamwork – both within the administration and with people outside our government and importantly we respect the law and our institutions This economic and political transition we are going through is in line with the main goals of my government: uniting Argentina and advancing towards zero poverty The challenges of course are many but I would point out two: (1) injecting vitality and innovation into our economy creating millions of jobs as the principle means to reduce poverty; (2) continuing to strengthen our institutions and building long-term consensus which will ensure that rights are guaranteed and reduce uncertainty Read More: Argentinas Mauricio Macri on the Challenge of Change Politics in Argentina has traditionally been fairly unstable the country has experienced a large number of crises and policies have been volatile In this context while abroad most people see ongoing changes positively they still fear they will be reversed at some point What do you say to those that have those concerns I think the most important thing is to realize that these changes in Argentina are not limited to a new administration What has really changed is our society This time unlike in 1989 or 2002 we didn’t need another major crisis to change Today with growing information channels and increasing travel overseas our society is more and more connected to the world; we see what’s out there we know we can live better and we want to live better The election that brought us to office is proof that this change had already started in society; we represent that will to change The productive year weve had in Congress is proof that the political classes are heeding this change All in all we are confident that this will make for a better environment for investment and job creation which will help us pursue our goals of uniting Argentines and advancing towards zero poverty We won’t change everything in a day a year or an administration But we are making progress And I’m very confident that this shift will become more evident as we start to consolidate more economic and institutional reforms For many years Argentina didnt play a major role in regional or global politics Its clear you want to change that What do you envision Argentinas role could be in which areas Argentina has a long tradition as a force for development and for peace in the region and worldwide: Argentina for example helped keep Latin America free of nuclear weapons and played a part in the search for peace in the Middle East Since we live in a more connected and interdependent world we firstly want to ensure that our relationships with all countries are mature intelligent and mutually-beneficial And we place a high value on striving for peace and dialogue Argentina is now playing a role in supporting the Colombian peace process and we want to do more to help humanitarian crises particularly the refugee crisis where we want to make our contribution by receiving refugees from Syria and the region Closely linked to peace interreligious dialogue is also an area where we have a strong track record and where we feel we can play a role at global level Our country is wonderfully rich in its ethnic and religious diversity We are home to the largest Jewish population in Latin America the largest Muslim population too and of course our pope is Argentine And we live peacefully together With respect to other global challenges it is clear that more and more the world needs food security and sustainable energy supplies and here we have much we can bring to the table We already produce food for 400 million people and we expect to double that production in the next five years In energy production our potential is enormous: we have the worlds second largest shale gas and fourth largest shale oil reserves the third largest wind reserves We have great solar potential and we are also one of the main producers of soybean biodiesel By helping the world tackle these types of global challenges ahead of us we are convinced that we will also help Argentina towards our goal of zero poverty I want to add there are many many other areas where we feel we can play a leading role especially in Latin America Climate change and environmental conservation for example are important to us We were one of the first countries to ratify the Paris Agreement which was passed unanimously in Congress And last but by no means least we are working hard to stamp out violence against women We want to banish the cultural practices and societal attitudes that normalize such behavior and we would hope one day that we can serve as a model for other countries in the region Read More: Pope Francis Makes Argentinas Gaucho Priest and 6 Others Saints You have said you want to change how politics work in Argentina What are the challenges in doing such a broad change that implies establishing a new political culture How can this be done As I said before the real change is happening in Argentine society The people of Argentina have changed just like the world has changed the way we interact with each other relationships the way we communicate and work together Look at social networks for example: more equality and less hierarchy more conversation and fewer monologues We represent that in politics We believe in getting together with different people discussing opinions and ideas We dont believe that any particular individual has all the answers This type of change in political culture will take time Were building on it through example; with dialogue and consensus-building We’ve been doing this from day one: meeting with governors and mayors looking for pragmatic agreements on legislation and listening to everybody from opposition parties to civil society As I said the legislative agreements we have arrived at in Congress show that these changes in society can translate to the political world This agreement and consensus will help us build the future that we want creating many many more jobs and reducing poverty Politics in the region seem to be in flux given recent events in Brazil Colombia and the ongoing crisis in Venezuela How do you evaluate these changes and what role do you think Argentina and the US can play After years of reaping the benefits of high commodities prices we now have the challenge as a region of returning to sustainable growth with a strong emphasis on inclusion Since we are a peaceful continent with very low levels of conflict between states huge natural resources human talent and energy I think we can achieve this We need to invest more in infrastructure and connectivity between our countries in such a way that we guarantee long-term growth and development From Argentinas perspective our commitment to regional development is a long-term commitment it goes beyond crises and changes of government Our role is to accompany and support the growth and innovation of the region to adapt to the realities of the twenty-first century And in this the support of the United States will be very important Besides being in the same part of the world we share a strong commitment to democracy equality respect for human rights and the rule of law building strong and healthy institutions guaranteeing the freedom of expression and of the media We are happy with the advances in the relationship between Latin America and the United States The new relationship with Cuba for example is a reflection of a vision that prioritizes intelligent and pragmatic relations And in our case the visit of President Obama in March marked the beginning of a new chapter in rational and mature bilateral relations that will be beneficial to both our counties Read More: Argentinian President Finds Economic Problems Are Harder at Home Than Abroad There is a growing trend against free trade in Europe and the US particularly with the Pacific Alliance partners Did I borrow money from anybody for transportcom/hjCvrJ9VwV Maria Falaschi (@mfalaschi) February 13 Ohio by offering financial support to them to set up businessesRitchie’s father declined to comment about her death or the criminal charges filed TuesdayDespite paramedics attempts at resuscitation Unfortunately it was also significant because it enabled Mexico’s team to still advance after being defeated by Sweden on Wednesday Kitchener is surprised to find herself subject to the gravitational pull of Pattons retrograde warning Once convened He used this as a springboard to secure the leadership of the right-wing Likud party,m. 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