Adafruit creates open source iCufflinks for the chic geek

first_imgIt’s safe to say the preferred clothing for geeks is probably jeans and a t-shirt, usually sporting some geeky emblem like those offered on ThinkGeek. But there’s always an occasion where dressing smart is required, making it tough to show any signs of being a geek. If you are an Apple fan who also loves open source, then there’s a set of cufflinks you may want to pick up to solve that problem.Adafruit, a company primarily known for its Arduino products, designed the iCufflinks to look like the pulsing power button on Apple’s MacBooks. The cufflinks hold a tiny battery, an LED, and the the required circuitry. The iCufflinks screw closed and then pulsate for up to 24 hours before a new battery is required.AdChoices广告Adafruit reverse engineered the Mac’s “breathing” LED pattern where all the LEDs vary in brightness in a natural way. They had to reverse engineer the waveform using a MIDIsense board, and a photocell which he ducttaped onto an iMac’s indicator LED.What’s really interesting is that the cufflinks are open source so you can download the circuit board files, the schematics, the CAD files, and the source code. Adafruit encourages other people to reprogram and hack the cufflinks to the pattern of their choice. It seems that you could also switch out the color of the LED and mix it up a bit, but if you want to stay true to the Mac look, you should keep using that white LED.Whether you’re a Mac or a PC person, these cufflinks will show that you’re a chic geek in a sophisticated and subtle way. And don’t worry ladies; Adafruit is working on a necklace version, too. The iCufflinks will run you $128, but that’s the price you pay for looking so slick.Read more at Adafruit, via ZDNetlast_img read more