9 Predictions for NYC Tech for 2019

first_img James McGrath Yoreevo In 2019, the construction tech sector will evolve. The economy will see new technologies that make the infrastructure process far more efficient. There is a great opportunity for healthcare executives and hospital facilities professionals to capitalize on the wave of incoming tech. Over the last year, we’ve seen a lot of learnings from previous natural disasters that can perhaps be evaluated with incoming tech. For example, modular construction will be more widely adopted and applied to rebuilding medical clinics cost-effectively and in record time to support the high demand for medical attention in the US and globally. It’s that time again. Nominations are now open for AlleyWatch’s 2019 NYC Tech Influencers feature. Know someone amazing who belongs on this list? Nominate them today here. Nominations open until 13/15. Looking to drive targeted response from the NYC Tech community at scale, learn more about partnering with AlleyWatch on this initiative here Jonathan Wasserstrum SquareFoot 2019 NYC TECH INFLUENCERS NOMINATIONS NOW OPEN Residential and commercial real estate, is the biggest lagging market in the tech space. Companies have been using the same old technologies for 50+ years, and have been very resistant to change. That has been changing over the past few years and is the most rapidly advancing market at this time. Software technologies in the RE & CRE space have been flooding the market, but hardware technologies have been lagging. I expect that RE & CRE hardware tech is going to have a major breakout in 2019, as more and more Gen-X’ers expect to have the same experience in their home and workplace, as they had growing up. Regulated Blockchain Technology Infrastructure (i.e. solutions for the SEC-compliant sale of digital assets and securities) is poised to take off in 2019. The coming decline in public stock markets, inflated real estate prices, improvements in distributed ledger technology infrastructure and UX/UI coupled with Manhattan’s unique position as the financial heart of the globe, all point to New York’s blockchain fin-tech sector moving from highly active levels now to exceptional growth at an exceptional pace. There is a once in a lifetime opportunity to capture and influence some of the foundational elements and technologies that will structure society for the rest of our lives. Right now. Much confusion must be untangled and the software solutions must develop much further before this sector realizes its full-potential in society, but the building blocks are being laid. The rate at which this transformation will occur will surprise many, including large dinosaur banks. I suspect the transition looks less like the gradual conversion from gas to electric vehicles and more like film cameras to digital ones. Ask Kodak how that worked out, but probably don’t let them sell you that KodakCoin Token. In 2019, we’ll see a snowballing effect of PropTech investment and growth. Real estate is the largest asset class in the world, and the VC industry has begun to take interest at earlier and earlier stages. In 2018, we also saw several 9-figure investment funds within traditional Real Estate firms take form. PropTech is here to stay, and even the incumbents want in. The rise of cloud standardization and the continued questioning of tech ethicsIn terms of the standardized cloud, we’re seeing companies going beyond basic cloud hosting and building their businesses on top of the big cloud providers’ AI, ML, and other technology. Because each cloud provider now has their specialities, companies have a new need to be able to utilize the best parts of every cloud provider across their organization. I believe it’s why IBM spent so much dough on Red Hat and we’ll see the big bet on Kubernetes and containerization technology come to fruition in the new year. Moving on to tech ethics… Well, just listen to Kara Swisher’s various podcasts and musings on Twitter to see how bad this state of affairs really is. I don’t think we’re done hearing about covered up hacks and bad ethics in tech companies, but I believe that in 2019 new and existing companies will actually examine their practices holistically and adjust how they use their user’s data, the protections they have in place, and how they run their businesses from top to bottom. It’s not just the giants who are doing dirty things and I believe users will continue to be hesitant on utilizing new software, especially mobile apps because of all of the mistrust that was brewed in 2018. I’m incredibly excited for the rise of ethical tech and believe companies who lean into it will find trust with their users in a whole new way as we get into the advanced web — where things like cloud standardization/containerization, 5G, and open source technology will be the norm and trust will be required. Grant Geiger EIR Healthcare 233SHARESFacebookTwitterLinkedincenter_img Without a doubt, we’’re going to see real estate brokers continue to adopt/develop technology and become more efficient. We’’ve all rented or bought an apartment so realize how antiquated the system is. There’s currently minor differentiation among brokers but in 2019, we’re going to see a rift develop between those embracing technology and those that resist. Clients are starting to realize the brokerage model hasn’t changed in decades (arguably ever) and investigate alternatives. There are a lot of incumbents making a lot of money with the status quo so it’ll be a battle but clients are requiring change. 1. IoT Enterprise/Office applications. Home appliances with WiFi are rapidly entering the market in the past 3 years. NYC has approx 220,000 small businesses. With the evolution of the workplace environment and the demand for autonomous work-from-home policies, businesses are looking for ways to maintain company culture and employee engagement that can be both digitized, scaled, and most importantly, authentic.2. Edge Computing. Companies are beginning to implement E to speed up processing time, not require connectivity, protect data, and reduce reliance on cloud computing. In a city like New York, companies leading their industries in digital transformation are beginning to develop solutions within the space, understanding it’s importance in IP protection and competitive advantage.3. Enterprise AR The community is growing here in NYC. Many of the biggest players are on the West Coast, however opportunities for Augmented Reality to help with real world applications like building development / construction management, inspections, and more, set up New York for a massive environment to launch initiatives to be rolled out around the world. Talent plays a big role in this, particularly CAD experts, hardware designers, motion graphics artists, etc and with NY home to some of the top design schools.4. My personal favorite: FashionTech Fashion retailers using 3D body scanning, leveraging the manufacturers in the garment district, and the largest tech companies in the world to build the future of fashion manufacturing.  Kathryn Kosmides Garbo 9 Predictions for NYC Tech for 2019 by AlleyWatch Alexander S. 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