Microsoft lists 100 Xbox One additions comes off desperate

first_imgLate last month, we saw that global PS4 sales are leading global Xbox One sales by at least 40%, and possibly as high as 100%, which would be two PS4 consoles sold for every Xbox One. Even 40% is a huge sales gap, and with Sony’s console regularly boasting a better resolution on multiplatform games, and developers beginning to give the PS4 timed exclusives over the Xbox One, Microsoft needs to change its strategy. Today, that strategy seems to be showing us the constant additions made to the Xbox One. Microsoft wrote a list.Microsoft is positioning its list as a “commitment to continuous innovation,” and whether or not that’s true, it feels a little more like the company doesn’t understand that sales gap. “Look at all these updated features! You guys love updated features, right?”The list, which you can read here, breaks down the updates by month, beginning with February. The bullet points present items like being able to see and manage your console’s storage, to being able to delete multiple GameDVR clips at once, to the Find my Controller feature. The list also specially notes the more notable additions, such as customizable backgrounds for each console account, a battery power indicator, and being able to boot the console directly to television mode.It’s fun to joke about Microsoft literally writing a numbered list of positive features as if they weren’t apparent to users, but it’s nice that Microsoft is working so hard on restoring the Xbox brand to its former glory. Last generation, the PS3 trailed far behind the Xbox 360, but Sony managed to bring the PS3 neck-and-neck with the Xbox 360 by the time the gen was over. It may seem like Microsoft is pleading, but the updates are there — listed or not — and that continual work may help bring the Xbox One back in the limelight.last_img read more