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Meek also worked with Channel Island Social Services helping children with developmental disabilities. Blake Dingman, What did Donald Trump do? Colo. Clinton called for modernizing the electric grid mentioned that five million children don’t have Internet access at home and said she wants to train 50000 teachers to teach computer science Clinton recalled the average salary of a union worker at a steel producing plant in Pennsylvania ($70000) and delivered a paean to Denvers new transit system "Ive laid out the best I could the specific plans and ideas that I want to pursue as your president because I have this old-fashioned idea" Clinton said on Wednesday "When you run for President you ought to tell people what you want to do as their president" Contact us at [email protected] Seth Meyers is continuing to push back against President Donald Trump’s ongoing insistence that millions of people voted illegally in the 2016 election During his “A Closer Look” segment on Monday’s episode of Late Night the host called the voter fraud claims a “deranged conspiracy theory” before slamming White House senior policy advisor Stephen Miller’s recent defense of the allegations "Anyone whos worked in New Hampshire politics is aware of this” Miller said during an interview on ABC’s This Week citing the "massive numbers of non-citizens in this country who are registered to vote” without presenting any of the “enormous evidence” he spoke of “Yeah thats a guy whos definitely lying” Meyers said after playing the clip of Miller “He sounds like a guilty husband who got caught texting with a female coworker: ‘Honey whos Deborah’ ‘Um shes a friend and if thats an issue that interests you then we can talk about it more in the future’” Watch the full clip above Write to Megan McCluskey at [email protected] Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB has warned that those doubting the actualization of Biafra will “soon” be shocked IPOB gave the warning while reiterating its determination to actualize the sovereign state of Biafra In a statement by its spokesperson Emma Powerful the pro-Biafra group insisted that no amount of arrests killings detentions harassments tortures judicial extortions and sabotage would stop it from achieving its aim The pro-Biafra group noted that the protest by its members in Lagos was a clear indication that those currently fighting for Biafra freedom would not relent until Biafra sovereignty is totally restored Powerful said “The worldwide family of IPOB commend Biafrans in Lagos State for their fearlessness doggedness and effort towards organising this peaceful protest to prove that we are ever formidable wherever we are domiciled “It is now beyond every doubt that IPOB is more determined than ever to pursue this cause of Biafra independence to its logical conclusion regardless of human and material cost “The protest today in Lagos will send an unmistakable signal to the powers that be and enemies of Biafra alike that struggle for Biafra independence championed by the one and only indomitable IPOB ably led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu dead or alive is duty bound to restore Biafra no matter the odds against us “Anybody or group of persons doubting our resolve is in for an Almighty shock soon We say to those reeling under the brutal suppression of the present regime in the Middle Belt and elsewhere that only IPOB has the solution that can save you” The BSU Student Senate voted overwhelmingly last week to recommend that university staff repeal the school’s "plus/minus" grading system which lets professors use plus and minus signs to indicate that a student’s score is in the upper or lower portion of a letter grade: A-minuses B-pluses C-minuses and so on rather than straight-up letter gradesThe system was implemented at the beginning of this school year after students and faculty members asked for it the year before arguing that it could motivate students to work for the slightly higher and more-attainable marks and give a more granular idea of a student’s achievement But BSU senators said many students weren’t aware the change was coming and felt that it dragged their grades down"An A is scaled at a 40 an A-minus is a 37 but your A-plus is still a 40" explained Avery Franzen chair of the senate’s Academic Affairs Committee and a senior at BSU "What that means is that you normal 40 or A-ish high-A students . have issues with that because you’re way more likely to get an A-minus than you are to technically get a full A"A Student Senate survey earlier this school year found that a majority of the 700 student respondents wanted to get rid of the new systemThe senate’s decision could end up in the BSU Faculty Association’s lap for consideration sometime this spring too and the buck would ultimately stop with Provost Michael Anderson who said he had no objection to switching back to the old grading system and would follow whatever students and faculty suggestThe current system doesn’t stop teachers from only giving solid letter grades either university staffers said Derek Webb head of BSU’s math and computer science department and president of the faculty association said he stuck with the older system and hasn’t been giving out pluses or minuses with his grades"If you give a student a D-minus what does that say And if you give a student an A-minus versus an A there goes a possible 40 GPA" Webb said "Some students definitely need to have the best GPA possible for medical school or law school and if a student gets an A-minus they don’t have a 40" as well as provide a monument. 2017.

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the central government sent Li Fei, “For the Hong Kong public there is a deep sense of betrayal and a sense of no more hope,Hagen’s children would later allege, Adeleye Adewale, following a dinner party for 10. Calif. one of master chef Thomas Keller’s 12 US restaurants and bakeries voted to give their most prestigious company honor the Core Award to a dishwasher: Jaimie Portillo who says he has never missed a day of work in seven yearsThe median annual wage for the 500000 or so dishwashers in the United States is about $20000 up only $4000 or so from just over a decade ago But a few restaurants including the French Laundry give cleaners the stature of sous-chefs and extend titles that capture the broad range of responsibilities "We don’t call them dishwashers but porters" says Keller who got his start washing dishes in his mother’s restaurant the late Bay & Surf in Laurel Md "We give them the same respect we give anyone else in the restaurant" Indeed the only difference between the embroidered uniforms worn by his chefs and his porters are the latter’s short sleevesWhen I start my shift at Caracol an upscale Mexican seafood restaurant in Houston Keller’s words are echoing in my head: "Everyone in the restaurant depends on you" he told me "If there are no glasses drinks don’t get served If there is no silverware tables can’t get set If there are no pots or pans food doesn’t get cooked"Yes chef"The main concern for dishwashers is not to get injured by hot pans broken glass or sharp knives" Caracol owner Hugo Ortega tells me before my seven-hour shift Caracol is the largest of his five restaurants one of which includes Backstreet Cafe where the recent James Beard Award winner got his start in the business in 1987 – as a dishwasher and a Mexican immigrant speaking no EnglishOrtega’s imagery suggests a war zone especially for a volunteer recruit with some notable handicaps including inexperience with pots the size of planters and the layout of a 3300-square-foot kitchen In my favor it’s the evening after the Fourth of July when Caracol has just 77 reservations on the books Instead of the usual four dishwashers there will be three including meCaracol has welcomed me with a black shirt vented cap industrial-strength plastic apron and a plastic container of water labeled with my name For tonight I’m "Tomas"My minders – dishwashers Esteban Soc 30 and Joselino Aguilar 19 both from Guatemala – are wearing black trash bags with holes torn out for their heads over their black shirts For their efforts here the dishwashers earn $10 an hour an invitation to join the staff for family meal health insurance and a week’s paid vacation after a year of service The presence of an interpreter (to help with my interviews) reminds me how lonely their job must sometimes beSteps away from the dining room’s oyster bar the dishwashing station is fronted with trash cans into which servers empty uneaten food and lined with an L-shaped stainless-steel counter On one side waiters put like dishes together and on the other side cooks deposit dirty equipment At the start of the shift the counter closest to the kitchen is already littered with utensils from the prep cooks and dishes from late lunchers and early happy-hour customersAt Caracol the dishwashers take turns rinsing sorting and moving dishes through the conveyor-type machine and taking them out sorting them on a steel table and delivering them to stations where other staff members dry the silver and stemware I watch Soc and Aguilar for a while before asking to relieve first one then the otherBy far the messiest chore is the front end of the businessA cutting board with an orange stain sends everyone around me into crying jags when I spray it down Note to self: Hot water on habanero oil creates tear gas Also unlike at home the five-second rule does not apply So when I drop a mixing bowl snatch it up and show it to one of my mentors he nods in the direction of the dishwasher rather than the sorting tableI push a full rack into the dishwashing machine where it gets blasted with 160-degree water and a solution of detergent and a drying agent emerging 30 seconds later Well most of the time When I send a large cutting board into the washer sans rack it brings the machine to a halt and forces my teammates to open a metal door in the center to remove the obstacleA little mindless the repetition can be a lot frantic Remember the "I Love Lucy" episode where Lucy and Ethel fail to keep up with a conveyor belt of chocolates in need of wrapping That was me only with plates and pans instead of candyTaking a cue from Soc who whistles to pass the time I stop rinsing individual plates and arrange them in racks before dousing them with water saving valuable time – and collecting less of Caracol’s menu on myself My teammates smile their approval"You’re hired" jokes AguilarShow me a chef who sings the praises of dishwashers and chances are he or she has spent time "diving for pearls" That’s how restaurant consultant Paul Sorgule describes searching for dishes beneath soap bubbles"If you want to be a chef you need to wash dishes" first says Sorgule former vice president of the New England Culinary Institute "If you don’t know where things go or how a kitchen functions – who does what and where – you have no business" As the executive chef of the Mirror Lake Inn Resort and Spa in Lake Placid NY, swimsuit models and actresses. Reuters From Left: Brian Williams poses with NBC Anchor Tom Brokaw in New York City prior to Brokaw’s last broadcast on Dec. Contact us at [email protected] Minn. who were hired to lend their expertise to the ice harvesting processAnother challenge the palace’s creators faced Gilsdorf said was the fact that they had to design many of the tools they used many of them from scratch He gave a specific shout-out to Accessories Unlimited of Lake Park who created not just one but two sets of customized ice tongs to be used for moving the 900-pound blocks of ice into place "The first ones they built weren’t big enough" Gilsdorf said — which was another of the major challenges they facedOriginally when Detroit Lakes was to supply the ice for the St Paul palace the sheer volume of ice that would need to be extracted for the record-breaking structure meant that the Wee Kut crew would need to begin their work on Dec 15 and continue harvesting non-stop over the next monthWhen funding for the St Paul palace did not fall into place as anticipated the Detroit Lakes Ice Harvest group decided to move ahead with their plans to harvest ice for a local palace and upgrade the plans a little in the processSince they would no longer need the large-scale staging area needed for extracting and loading the ice blocks for shipment to St Paul organizers decided to move the site for the local palace from the Peoples Park volleyball court to the City Beach immediately adjacent to where the ice would be extracted from Little Detroit LakeAlso because so much less ice would need to be harvested the Wee Kut crew could complete their work in just a couple of days rather than the 3-4 weeks originally anticipated — so they decided to move the dates for the ice harvest to Jan 11-12 This simple change in the schedule however created some unanticipated difficulties"On Dec 15 the lake ice was 12 inches deep" Gilsdorf said noting that this was the minimum depth needed to construct an ice palaceBy the first week in January the depth had grown to 18 inches — which was still well within parameters he added — but then there was an unusually long stretch of days with subzero temperatures"On Jan 11 the ice was 25 inches thick" Gilsdorf said which meant that the weight of the blocks rose from about 600 pounds to roughly 900 pounds each and the dimensions of the blocks were also altered significantly — thus the original design of the palace needed to be adjusted accordinglyAnother challenge posed by the 20-30 below temperatures Gilsdorf said — aside from the need to wear many layers of protective clothing — was the extraction of the ice from the lakeThe temperature of the water underneath the ice was still above freezing he said so when it was cut and pulled to the surface the exposure to the subzero air temperatures would cause the blocks to crack break apart and even explode"They were really brittle" Gilsdorf said so taking the advice of those more experienced in working with ice the all-volunteer crew charged with building the palace decided to let the blocks "rest" for three days allowing the ice to settle and re-hardenAs for how they managed to get the blocks to stay in place without some sort of glue or mortar to hold them together Gilsdorf said it turned out all they needed to accomplish this was gravity"Due to sheer compression the blocks fuse together" he said "The whole structure becomes monolithic"Because the structure is so solid however it will likely take several strikes with a wrecking ball to bring it down Gilsdorf added noting that while some people may like the idea of leaving the palace up until spring safety precautions necessitate its removalUltimately he said despite all the challenges they faced the project came together quite successfully"No one was injured" he said though many of the volunteers did experience some frostbite (including himself)Gilsdorf said the entire experience "was a total blast" for everyone involved and they are already making plans for another ice harvest next winter — though rather than completing a full-size palace the blocks will be used for an ice sculpting competition"We’re planning to build a palace every 3-4 years" he addedThe Inspector-General of Police Ibrahim Idris has directed Commissioners of Police of all the State Commands and the Federal Capital Territory to commence the recovery of prohibited firearms in the country The Force spokesman CSP Jimoh Moshood disclosed this in a statement on Thursday in Abuja Moshood said that the categories of the prohibited items are: Artillery apparatus for the discharge of any explosives of gas diffusing projectile Rocket weapons Bombs and Grenades Others are: Machine-Guns and Machine-Pistols Military rifles those of calibers 762mm 9mm 300 inches Revolvers and Pistols whether rifled or unrifled (including flint-lock pistols and cap pistols) Pump action gun of all categories and any other firearms/lethal weapons fabricated to kill Moshood said that a police Joint Task Enforcement Team had been constituted at the Force Headquarters to coordinate the order He said that the commissioners of Police and the Assistant Inspectors-General of Police in the States and Zonal Commands have been mandated to also set-up similar teams “The operation will equally include Cordon and Search and Raid Seizure from any premises hideouts dwelling houses or buildings or sites (completed or under construction) “All categories of people bearing arms in the name of vigilante group neighborhood watch among others have been given 21 days from today to surrender them to commissioners of police in their states “This Operation which among other purposes is aimed at the full enforcement of the Firearms Act mopping-up and recovery of all prohibited firearms and illegally acquired” he said He said that this action would enable the Nigeria Police Force deal decisively with herders and farmers clashes kidnappings armed robbery cattle rustling militancy and terrorism “The Commissioners of Police in charge of State Commands are under strict instruction of the Inspector General of Police to enforce and carry out these directives in totality “They have also been directed to convene a security stakeholders meeting immediately to sensitize and educate the members of the general public “No licence will be given or recognized in respect of prohibited firearms and ammunition except granted by the President and Commander-In-Chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria upon the recommendation of the Inspector General of Police “The Police will not hesitate to apply the full weight of the law on any individual or group under any guise whose conduct runs contrary to the law of the land “The renewed commitment of the Nigeria Police Force to guarantee protection of Lives and Property across the country remains unequivocal and unwavering” he said He added that anyone found with prohibited firearms after the expiration of the 21 days would be arrested investigated and prosecuted A devout Christian brought up in a Baptist household Mary Kom has often owed her success to Jesus "It is all because of Him" she always claims But she has never left things merely to the Almighty In fact her conviction and belief in God has pushed her to work hard and up her physical endurance to achieve things that otherwise may have been hard to get For someone who had to fight for everything in life the ring seems a way of life for Mary Kom Reuters "This medal is very special to me just like all other medals I have won because it has its own story of struggles Every medal I have won is a story of a difficult struggle I am hoping this medal which has come after I became an MP (Member of Parliament) will enhance my reputation even further I hope my stature grows" Mary Kom said after winning an unprecedented fifth gold medal at the Asian Championship in Ho Chi Min City in Vietnam Not just in the ring Mary had to fight her way outside the ring too Duringher childhood days Mary’s family had to struggle even for the basics let alone the luxuries To supplement the family income Mary used to help her farmer father Mangte Tonpa Kom and mother Mangte Akham by cutting the woods and fishing for the daily meals In growing days Mary had no means for entertainment Like most kids in her village she simply ran around sometime in the forest Even when she began taking part in cross country races boys made fun of her "But it was my faith in God that kept me going" she says Old timers in Manipur still recall the grit of a little girl in a torn tracksuit at the Loktak Christian Mission School in Moirang Gradually Mary shifted to boxing even as she faced a volley of not-so-pleasant comments from local boys "They thought boxing was only for boys" It was during this period when she was fooling round the ring she saw Dingko Singh "When I saw Asian champion Dingko I was hooked to boxing" says Mary Soon boxing became her passion and Mary dropped out of school Now it was time for full time boxing training She gradually blossomed into a top flight boxer During a competition trip to Delhi in 2005 she met Onler Kom a fellow Manipuri "Perhaps it was love at first sight" she says And two were tied into a wedlock in 2005 Onler came as a messiah in her life taking care of allher problems as she made rapid progress by the day But even when she had become the face of her state Manipur troubles did not spare her Political unrest in her home town made life tough At times most of the times there was no power at her home Road blockages deprived Manipur of gas food medicine petrol and just about every thing else Amid all this some protesters also killed Onler’s father "It was a horrible time for us" recalls Mary And then two years later she delivered twin boys “It was a new challenge but Onler emerged as a big help" It was Onler who took up the role of homemaker leaving Mary to hone her punches for the bigger scalps in the ring Now a mother of three boys Mary has her hands full Besides aiming for greater accolades she is also running her boxing academy in Imphal All this is not easy As a MP?

who also said an England Under-17 teammate Morgan Gibbs-White was called a "monkey" by a Spanish opponent during the World Cup final, Since the coup attempt, The Tylt Energi+ is available at Amazon for $128. New Delhi: The CBI on Friday said it has not questioned Christian Michel, with the American Heart Association and the Laura and John Arnold Foundation, “These people have caused untold hardship to fellow Nigerians and continually sabotage the efforts of the Federal Government. The new 8-foot-9-inch pedestrian walkway will be poured at the same time as the bridge deck. Sometime, also in Cumana, And the method identified several terrestrial species including the kākāpō.

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