Talk about the value of the original, and collection of pseudo original content of Shanghai Dragon

The original content of

site requires rich content to be able to support the normal operation, but for the individual operation of small and medium-sized site, the content is very difficult to obtain, especially the original content, if every day to do it yourself. Write the words, few people will insist on writing every day, after all, who there are so many experiences can be written? When can’t write the original, pseudo original content slowly began to occupy the best choice for the owners to update the content. On the Internet many webmaster of pseudo original hold to be ashamed of, but in others while he is in the pseudo original have been updated pseudo original, and even some acquisition. No matter what kind of content, the author believes that as long as will appear on the network so it must have the truth. Today I tell you the original, false original, collected three of the value of Shanghai dragon. read more

114 more recent gynecological medical website optimization makes me very hurt

how to do the preliminary optimization of the website

? No one has been a long time, the maintenance of

1 website (the company said when I came on the optimization and after saying optimization personnel to develop a simple plan to go, I do not know what the reason, later learned).

4, the website is very poor, for this station is personally feel that as long as the relevant optimization personnel, so the website related to the domain of love Shanghai data is very objective, the domain of this website has been in about one thousand of the fluctuations. read more