REVIEW: Big Fish, little theatre, groups in tears

first_imgBased on the novel and film, Big Fish has been transformed into a musical in London’s West End. Tim Farr reviews the tear-jerking production  If it wasn’t for the big name of Kelsey Grammer (Frasier, Cheers) Big Fish may have passed the theatre-going public by without being noticed. Tucked away in a side street down the road from Buckingham Palace, The Other Palace – with its 312 seats – offers a very intimate atmosphere that give this musical a special feeling even before it begins.It tells the story is of Edward Bloom (Kelsey Grammer) who has been a travelling salesman all his working life, returning home and telling his son, Will (Matthew Seadon-Young), tall tales of his travels and his life.As a child, Will is excited and enchanted by his father’s stories, but as he grew up the legendary yarns cause a distance between them as Will struggles to make sense of fact and fiction.When Edward becomes ill, Will explores his dad’s adventures on a magical journey to find out who Edward Bloom really is.This wonderful musical with beautiful songs and dazzling performances is funny, touching and spellbinding. Grammer may top the bill and lives up to his star name, but this is a full company triumph. Such a small, simple London production leaves a massive impression on everyone in the theatre.A great one for groups who don’t mind travelling home with red eyes.last_img

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