• Whats more Draper has good reasons to be bulli

first_img• What’s more, Draper has good reasons to be bullish on crypto…At a conference in Singapore earlier this week, Draper said… I think it’s going to have such a transformative effect on industries that we never even imagined would be transformable. The internet went after industries that were $10–$100 billion markets, cryptocurrency will go after trillion-dollar markets—these are finance, healthcare and insurance, banking and investment banking, and governments.Most people don’t realize this. They only think of cryptos as digital money.But the blockchain—the technology that underpins basically every crypto—is revolutionizing much more than money and banking. It’s transforming every industry from energy, supply chains, law, and even gambling. You name it.Here’s Marco Wutzer with more:People have to understand that this is a paradigm shift. At least 80% of the global economy will eventually run on blockchain technology. This is a fundamentally disruptive change such as we haven’t seen before in our lifetimes.It’s why Draper thinks bitcoin will affect the entire world. It’s also why he says bitcoin’s impact will be felt in “a faster and more prevalent way than you ever imagined.”• So consider buying bitcoin if you haven’t yet… It’s the most established and widely used crypto in the world.Still, bitcoin is highly speculative. So only bet money that you can afford to lose. Don’t obsess over day-to-day moves. And perhaps, most importantly, have a long-term time horizon.Investors who take these measures set themselves up for huge returns, without exposing themselves to catastrophic losses.Regards,Justin Spittler Kotor, Montenegro September 25, 2018P.S. Our very own Marco Wutzer has been involved with digital currencies since the late 1990s—long before the current blockchain breakthrough. He made so much money from his early contrarian investments in digital currencies that he dropped everything and traveled the world… while heading a group of top crypto developers and investors.And he just released an urgent presentation with details on what could end up being the biggest discovery of his career.As you’ll see, as early as October 1, a new coin could emerge as a clear favorite in the market—one you most likely haven’t heard of before. And investors who get in TODAY can turn a small stake into as much as $205,000. Click here to get all the details.Reader MailbagToday, high praise for E.B. Tucker’s Strategic Investor newsletter and the entire team at Casey Research…E.B., your gold recommendation just became a double with the recent run-up on no news. Once my speculative positions reach a certain level of volatility, I make it my practice to sell half once the position has doubled so as to effectively reduce the cost basis of the position to zero. I believe that the number of Casey recommendations to double in my portfolio has been seven, including this latest one. I don’t have a huge portfolio so to experience this degree of success from a relatively small total number of positions is a testament to the quality of research you do.I am very happy to be a Casey subscriber for a bunch of reasons. These trades illustrate the value that I receive from having made the investment in a lifetime subscription to Casey publications.As of right now, I am sitting in a Starbucks in Costa Rica fully experiencing the freedom that the speculator’s life can properly provide if done right. Thank you for your part in that.—PaulYou can join E.B.’s Strategic Investor newsletter and get in on the next double right here.And another reader responds to our recent Dispatch: “A New Arms Race Has Begun…Here’s How to Profit.”“In fact, most people agree that the race ended on July 20, 1969… when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon.”You are right to write “the moon” with a small “m.” It was really a fake moon staged in Hollywood that Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on. Because it was just impossible for them to land on the real Moon, the Earth’s satellite (Kennedy was a good fellow, but a politician only, not a technician, and thus compromised the USA’s credibility). Nevertheless, the goal to win the race was successfully achieved, albeit due to Kubrik’s effort, not von Brown’s.The Soviets perfectly knew the reality, but preferred to greatly profit from upholding the conspiracy (cheap wheat, a couple of truck factories, and other fringe benefits) than prove the meager truth. As an old Baikonur space engineer said, “all prairie dogs died of laughter hearing the moon landing news.” The Baikonur prairie dogs have died, the humans were silenced, and everybody was happy. The moral: as long as the ends were achieved, the means were irrelevant. —VladAs always, if you have any questions or suggestions for the Dispatch, send them to us right here.In Case You Missed It…Right now, dozens of tiny tech stocks are soaring 288%… 1,032%… and even 7,748%…But most people have never heard of them.That’s why 26-year Silicon Valley insider Jeff Brown is finally sharing his investment blueprint in an urgent tech event.In this one-time-only event at 8 p.m. ET on September 26… Jeff will share the names of four stocks on his watchlist—free. (This will only be available the night of the webinar. You must attend the event to get these names.)Click here or the image below to get all the details and register for this free event… Details here Recommended Link By Justin Spittler, editor, Casey Daily DispatchBitcoin is “bigger than the Iron Age.”“It’s bigger than the Renaissance.”And “it’s bigger than the Industrial Revolution.”Those are bold statements. After all, each of those periods changed the course of history.Still, it’s hard to truly appreciate their impact. None of us were alive then.So you may have a better time relating to this… The same person who made those statements also says bitcoin is “bigger than the internet.”• I’m talking about Tim Draper… Draper is a venture capitalist.He was an early investor in Tesla, Skype, and Hotmail—a once-popular email service. He also made a massive bet on bitcoin long before most people took it seriously.In 2014, he bought 29,656 bitcoins from a U.S. Marshals Service auction. We don’t know what Draper paid for those bitcoins. But we do know that bitcoin traded around $500 each at the time of purchase.Today, bitcoin’s price is around $6,500. This means that Draper’s bitcoin hoard—which he reportedly still owns—is now worth around $193 million.In short, he made a brilliant bet on bitcoin. But he certainly won’t be the last investor who strikes it rich off bitcoin.I say this because the crypto market is poised for another explosive run. We’re so convinced of this that we’ve dedicated this entire week to cryptocurrencies.Yesterday, we featured an essay from Casey Research’s newest guru—crypto pioneer and Disruptive Profits editor Marco Wutzer. Today, I’ll continue with this theme by telling you how to position yourself for this coming bull market.But first, let me tell you just how bullish Draper is on bitcoin… Recommended Link Strike it Rich While Saving LivesOver 350 million people have rare, often undiagnosed diseases. Up until now, they had little hope. But one medical company is about to change that… To find out how you could strike it rich while saving millions of lives… — The Largest Factory In History Is Opening – And You Won’t Believe What’s InsideCentral Park is 1.31 square miles – pretty big. Manhattan, of course, is much bigger – 22.8 square miles. The new largest factory in world history that’s opening any day now? It’s bigger than all of Manhattan. And when it opens, early investors who know its $332 billion purpose could make 10x their money – fast. • Draper thinks bitcoin’s price will top $250,000 by 2022… That’s 39x times higher than its current price.I know that sounds crazy. But Draper’s made—and nailed—bold calls like this before.In September 2014, he said bitcoin would hit $10,000 by 2018. At the time, bitcoin was trading under $500. Many people thought Draper had lost his mind. But bitcoin nearly topped $20,000 last December.Draper isn’t just bullish on bitcoin, either. Two weeks ago, he said that the crypto market will be worth around $80 trillion 15 years from now. That’s trillion with a “t.”• Most people can’t wrap their head around a number that large… So let me put it into perspective.The U.S. stock market is worth around $35 trillion today… So Draper’s saying that the crypto market will become more than twice as big as today’s stock market by 2033.Also consider this…The crypto market is worth just $207 billion today. Draper’s saying the crypto market will grow 386x over the next 15 years.That sounds impossible. But the internet experienced the same kind of explosive growth not long ago. From 1995–2010, world internet usage increased by more than 100 times.Of course, to be fair, Draper’s talking about 400x growth… or four times faster than the internet grew from 1995–2010.But you’ve got to remember that technology is advancing at an exponential rate. Take it from Casey Research founder Doug Casey:Technology is going to overwhelm everything over the next 20 years. It’s the biggest black swan. Well, not really a black swan because a black swan is one that you don’t even know exists. But it’s the biggest thing that’s happening and it’s growing at an exponential rate right now. It’s going to change the whole character of the world. — Click herelast_img

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