Talk about the value of the original, and collection of pseudo original content of Shanghai Dragon

The original content of

site requires rich content to be able to support the normal operation, but for the individual operation of small and medium-sized site, the content is very difficult to obtain, especially the original content, if every day to do it yourself. Write the words, few people will insist on writing every day, after all, who there are so many experiences can be written? When can’t write the original, pseudo original content slowly began to occupy the best choice for the owners to update the content. On the Internet many webmaster of pseudo original hold to be ashamed of, but in others while he is in the pseudo original have been updated pseudo original, and even some acquisition. No matter what kind of content, the author believes that as long as will appear on the network so it must have the truth. Today I tell you the original, false original, collected three of the value of Shanghai dragon.

A complete


pseudo original content

what can be called original? I believe this problem we all know, in my opinion, the original content of the most direct understanding is not appeared on the network. Then in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, the original content plays a what kind of role? The answer is very simple, in the Shanghai dragon, the original content can rapidly improve the site’s ranking weight, but also can quickly increase the user experience, user viscosity. From the details of the original content, we can define the content, first in any one search engine to search the matching degree of more than 40%, this data is the search engine will have to give a reason for the search, in general, the content will be more than 40% similarity search engine that is false original or collection content. This will make itself is the value of original content will greatly discount. The content is not viewed by the user, now a lot of people love to some has not been included content is copy of the original site, published to their site, so that you can deceive the search engine that is the original content, in fact, the search engine is not independent to judge the value of content, including one factor is the user experience, from the residence time, the share page reprint rate, comment number, user access to the depth of comprehensive analysis content value. The final content can solve the needs of the user, not the original content is the key factor that decides the website ranked high, also need to look at these contents can satisfy the users, we often say that the user experience of the effect of ranking weight, but I do not know the content is affecting the user experience, if the station is mixed, although it is original, but readability is not high, the content of correlation is not strong, also won’t get good rankings in high weight, will not let the content have higher value of Shanghai dragon. This is why some portal through the collection of duplicate content can obtain good ranking reason, after all the user experience there, what other content is original or not are the clouds, valuable content to users is the original content, the content is good, is the value of the Shanghai Dragon Phoenix content.

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