Keywords optimization focuses on data analysis and execution

data analysis will have to perform a down-to-earth, in order to achieve the final victory, such as the optimization of the page chain must be 1000, this tea set keywords do 100 anchor text, gift tea to do the 150 anchor text can go beyond the competitors, we score the steps this time, such as a do the chain blog 15, soft Wen 5, the other chain 60, and the station content update, there should be a plan to carry on, must complete a plan to make every day.

execution Keywords

first in Shanghai love tea set tea gift and query these two words, analysis of the top three websites, personal opinion is mainly analysis some website domain name, for some high weight website pages are not worth what analysis, such as dangdang贵族宝贝 is ranked first, is the second largest Amazon these sites, even if it is a content page is not very easy to catch up with; and the top-level domain name can be a good analysis, including whether the website name time, website title contains keywords, the chain quantity and quality, as well as the keywords of the anchor text number, and record.

Optimization: 1, 2, gift tea tea set; optimization page: 贵族宝贝

two, Shanghai Dragon Staff

, competitors and their website data analysis

then your site an analysis, at this time his heart alone, if you want to catch up with those of the rival site, you need the chain how many, how long will it take to finish, use the data to speak is the most effective, of course, this is just a general analysis, no hundred percent.

A lot of friends in

view, keywords ranking is mainly depends on the content and the support of the chain, in fact, this is a correct statement, but not to do, get lost, such as writing an article every day, every day with the chain, but when asked what time will the key word ranking also, you can’t say a rough time, because there is no competitors on their web sites and web sites for a data analysis; now a lot of Shanghai dragon Er Shanghai Longfeng than as when to buy lottery tickets, but through careful analysis of website for other people you will find the row in front of the website certainly there is an advantage. The following example to explain how I was to promote a keyword optimization (personal experience).

of course, this is just a simple generalization, as a general optimization personnel, whether it is their own pick list, or the company to arrange the task, we must go through these two steps, in order to achieve results. The gift of tea set (贵族宝贝 original, reproduced please.

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