Wangzhuan is not the most important executionWhat is the entrepreneur’s secret

, more than half of the cases of entrepreneurship are ultimately ended in failure. Many entrepreneurs will have the experience: the most difficult period before entrepreneurship is the stage of preparation for entrepreneurship, and the company can relax after the official operation. But after the start-up, but found that after the operation of the company, a variety of problems followed, often confused them, with the previous difference is quite great. In fact, the growth of enterprises in the process, often there will be a variety of Difficult miscellaneous diseases if not correct, "treatment", may be "DOA" – 1, with a good dinner acquaintance of many entrepreneurs in the choice of "partners", total love in a familiar look in the "circle". Due to become familiar with each other, so in the early days often with the feelings of things, for business direction, in the use of people, financial problems are also mostly in the way of reconciliation, tolerance, and ignore the necessary contracts signed and strict restraint system. Thus, with the growth of enterprises, the contradictions and problems caused by this work will gradually show, not only is not conducive to the rapid development of enterprises, and sometimes even lead to bankruptcy.

The rich very powerful

back in 2011 in the world is not the keywords Wangzhuan "execution", especially this one do Wangzhuan training. Whether you are a novice or legendary master, if you hand operation of the project to make money, as long as you to consult the reason better than you, give you the answer is "executive force powerful enough".

2, the poorest people know how to choose the direction of the rich belongs to

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan,

is now the boss of the company to create the people, efforts in practicing their execution, work hard all day the boss gave his task, finally surrender to a boss is very pleased with the performance, then his boss for a raise, he felt his opinionated salary even if successful. In fact, his performance can prove he is a successful execution tool.

, the 1 richest poor belongs to the execution of

talked about the water margin in Songjiang, his execution is really bad, may fight is not your opponent. But Wu Yi’s poor reputation of Songjiang than any heroes in the water margin are bigger, why? Because any other heroes belong to the river loose execution, is the implementation of tools. Songjiang belongs to the direction of the creator. The water margin story tells us a truth: "choose the wrong direction, then the execution is due to the zero". Now the Alibaba like Ma, at the beginning he did not understand the network but do not know what, but he chose a good direction, he did not understand technology, you can find people who understand technology to do, as long as his choice of direction is good enough, the execution is very.

like water margin inside the tiger hero Wu Song, eight hundred thousand army coach Lin Chong, flowers monk Lu Zhishen, these are the times that Wu Yi’s most powerful man, with us now what is the implementation of the strongest one, any one of them can top ten ordinary people’s ability. Chinese know we love finally these heroes are a dead, they ought to live, why would die! Because Songjiang boss in the wrong direction, no matter how powerful execution, it is just a tool to realize the direction, direction of choice is not good, then good execution tools such as Wu Song, Lin Chong, Lu Zhishen etc. is just a waste of.

firm on one idea: a good direction for how much money can not buy, but no matter how powerful execution implementation tools money can buy, because a direction directly determines the success or failure.

poor firm on one idea: let your powerful execution up.

but I don’t think so, in fact, execution is important, but the execution is to achieve a direction, and the direction is to achieve a successful tool ", why do I say that?

world is the gap between rich and poor, the most fundamental problem is that different ideas:

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