Love hate Shanghai Shanghai sea dragon dragon Er attention

if this friend is really in the dialogue and the official people love Shanghai, I think this is terrible, you Shanghai dragon er you feel here? Is 2012, but also to Chinese love Shanghai Shanghai Longfeng Er manufacturing a 2012 Shanghai dragon end of


today, February 15, 2012, Zhengzhou did not calm, feeling like the weather, for a keyword ranking, a headache, have been thinking about problems encountered, then a brother sent a message: go in search of Shanghai Shanghai dragon love, I will try to love the Shanghai search under the Shanghai dragon, such as the figure:


copyright, please keep the: 贵族宝贝hnzxyy贵族宝贝/



you were the first 2 rows, you feel bad? You doubt? Don’t love Shanghai to Shanghai dragon slaughter? Look at the love of Shanghai ranked first in the library, we all know that love should be in Shanghai dragon sea search ranked first is not the (official version), but today suddenly appeared, I began to doubt the love of Shanghai artificial upswing. Then I found some other words, please see the following screenshot.

webmaster heroes see? Love Shanghai to all parts of the Shanghai dragon contains all the search even kill with lawful authority, including Shanghai dragon of the word, do not believe you to try to search. I was even more surprised still behind it, see everyone in the group are discussing this topic, suddenly saw a friend sent up a map of this:

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