Three important core site development quality, value and Shanghai Dragon


mentioned above the free is king, then pay a mode of operation is also normal. After all, some are doing product or the value of the information consulting, website localization in online sales, so this time is not the core of our low price, or low price is just one of the competitive advantage, this time is our core value, create value for customers, if our products can produce value for the customer, the customer will not hesitate to choose us, of course, not all products can be used two words to describe, but the overall meaning here is useful to customers. For example, 188 travel program, this can create a certain value for customers, by customers, although this is a virtual product, but the customer is still very love. So, as a pay site, the only important core is to create value for customers, so that customers feel very practical.

paid content on the value of

with the development of the Internet, more and more enterprises or individuals are gradually attach importance to the network, the website also follow up development. On the Internet every day there are so many sites, including most of the personal website, but why some website development is very good, some is very general, this is why? Of course, there may be a correlation between location and site in addition to outside, another important factor is the development of the site core problem, this that is the focus of this article.

is now on the Internet free is king, many users have become accustomed to free, whether it is information or products, provide a better service, this is a kind of mode, and not all of them will be free, but the most part or free, this can be very good publicity and promotion. But the focus is free must have good quality, at least than free, or not to cherish a lot of users, feel free is rubbish, we should let them know that free is not equal to the garbage, but there are restrictions, or our charging mode is not it. Many people have just started the business must have income as support, so there is a certain income to maintain, so the sales could have free products with ultra low cost, it is often made today, for tomorrow.

website is ultimately service users, so on the surface of the core of the website is very easy to understand, is relatively easy to do, but if specific to the operation of the site, probably because the core and nature of different, so I do stand according to a little of his own experience, give a summary, respectively. From the three aspects of several free sites, site and promotion.

by Shanghai dragon promotion is the key of

free content on the quality of

is the last people often mention the promotion. Whether it is free or paid web site, there is no absolute advantage to let more customers know that you exist, the only way is of low cost.

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