The construction of the chain chain construction to shoot two hawks with one arrow building material

construction site itself belongs to the real estate industry surrounding industries, including building materials, building decoration and sale etc., so building websites related website types are relatively abundant, it gives the construction of the chain building site provides a wealth of channels, according to the requirements of the principle of relativity, the chain construction for building materials such sites can be from the following aspects to improve.


the correct approach can establish their own websites in the B2B website, the website is actually some basic page, and there are a lot of functions, is just a show, in some B2>

, a selection of classified information website chain construction

two, select the B2B platform to release the chain

the correct approach should be to write some marketing properties of these soft, soft, the content is very exciting, can promote the user clicks, generally as long as the user is willing to click on the chain, will be love Shanghai that is a very high degree of experience outside the chain of the same user, the user will click on the chain, also to help the classifieds site drainage, a win-win situation, so the construction of the chain in the classified information website should follow the text with the form of the chain.

love Shanghai Scindapsus aureus two generation algorithm for the chain website have a lot of requirements, but these requirements have a common characteristic, that is the site of the chain must pay attention to high quality and relevance, which actually gave us these workers brought Shanghai Longfeng optimization based optimization idea of this, is the website the chain construction, as long as the path to be provided in accordance with Scindapsus algorithm, can play a multiplier effect, the building materials website as an example, share the chain specific construction strategy.

B2B platform has become the business to business communication platform, this platform in general will be love Shanghai given a certain weight, so for building materials sites on these platforms to release some of the chain is able to play a multiplier role, but some owners of this understanding is not deep, the release of the chain form is mainly used simply left profile and site site, and the site of the writing is very simple, although it can also play a certain effect, but the effect is not so as to achieve a multiplier.

classified information website has now become an important variant form of industry website, which is based on the industry and various places, but also can be independent of a certain industry and independent of a certain place, so the classification of information website has become a building site outside the chain released the first choice, so in these sites is not simple leave your site and the hyperlinks so simple? The answer is negative, if it is to do so, even if the chain is the classified information website to leave your site, it will not be like Shanghai that is a good high quality of the chain, or even because of the content of your chain correlation is not enough, is determined to junk the chain, lead to less effective.

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