Shanghai dragon industry experience with stones always fall away

good never too long, if you feel comfortable coming close to the less dangerous. The supplier made a single goods price adjustment has been increased by 10%, which is third times the price adjustment, the way I understand, the supplier at the website of good sales price then in order that he could increase the interest, while increasing the pressure of the seller I, my profits have not changed, but the cost is increased. But now the product model at a loss what to do, the supplier delivery had no connection. No way to dry. Then the decline in sales, product marketable, lose price competitiveness, online selling specialty is not only my family, a natural contrast me not to buy it.

the Shanghai dragon is accumulated technology and experience, I once thought that he is omnipotent, can be applied to any industry, the final defeat came on schedule, when I look at the network with their own cognition, the view of users, I have lost…

young I had some knowledge of other optimization of Shanghai dragon did not understand, but often feel that the world experienced human accident, what reason do understand all understand, feel full, can do their own thing. But have forgotten a proverb: God for those who perish, and always let him expansion. Contact Shanghai dragon has been 2 years, did many stations, from the beginning of the Shanghai dragon specialist every day outside the chain to oneself can independently operate a web site, really have a sense of achievement, if I have grown up, technology is in place, so why working for others? Save their own

included the chain ranking gradually get better, every day IP to reach about 400, this is just a beginning, very satisfied, everything has a good beginning is the most can make people happy, isn’t it? So every day is still doing their job, until half a month later, the supplier again fax give me the price of all goods, complain a few words, the price fluctuation is so frequent. It also makes people live. As a small business station, the conversion rate reached 2% per day is relatively good site. Count down 400IP, turnover of 8 times a day, 8 times I can extract about 150 yuan, slightly higher than the Taobao customer commission. Monthly income of 4500 yuan. Shanghai Longfeng wages are higher than the original.

story here, I want to have an end, a lot of parasitic network survival method, but it is one-sided "website


domain name, space station, have not spent much time, already see the favorite templates, bought all of less than 500 yuan, so cheap website is entrusted with the big wish. Choose the industry when indeed a headache, because I am involved in the industry is not much, also do not want to do their own work, don’t want to make enemies with former boss. Final specialty, specialty wide audience, all travel people also have the intention to buy, contact the suppliers, I can direct sales, from a percentage point. This is my idea at the time, that doing so can make money, although one bitter point tired points are never mind.


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