With the 3 strokes to write the title of the article, hits more than 3 times

1. from the title can feel that "there is a story". Love to listen to the story, which seems to be innate human instinct. Do not believe you see how many children do not love to listen to the story? We look at the article too, whether it is more professional marketing articles, or what some type of articles, one happened, or "events", better than pure preaching and theory, to attract people.

according to some data, there are 80% people only see the title to decide whether to click go to see. This data and whether or not accurate, but we in the internet article, certainly is only a small amount of the click on the view, not every one see. Not so much time. In the end we decided to click on the article, the main factor is nothing more than a title and a thumbnail. In most cases, the article appeared in the list of sites, is not necessarily a thumbnail, or very difficult to have a very attractive picture, then the title role is crucial. I in the past more than 20 days, in the A5 station network has published 20 articles on network marketing. Because I didn’t bother to carve the title of each article, so the title is all kinds of, show relatively large randomness. Therefore the article has been issued on some amount of reading data difference.

most of my articles in reading A5 are almost no more than 10% of the gap. There are one or two less. But there are 2 pieces of reading quantity, the other is the average number of 3 to 4 times more than. And a several days after the first page of A5. There are also several articles to the home page, but also is the same amount of reading. Besides the content difference, I think the title set plays a very big impact. So I went from my own experience, about how to analyze the title, can attract more people.

"a fine post has lasted several years", this article drainage money? I made, is 3 times more than other much reading. I think this title, in the statement of the expression, let the person feel, this is my story has happened, is done. For this kind of practical industry articles, as long as people do, even with the reference value. I also compared to those "no story" in the title of the article, must be able to attract more people.

2. has an attractive "effect" and "expected" or "commitment". The best specific digital. People see the article, also hope to see some useful things for yourself. Show the specific "effect" in the title, or make a commitment. Will attract more people to see in the end is how to do. As I mentioned above can have several years of post flow, this is a "effect". As long as it is done.

yesterday, a friend asked me the title of the soft writing, I have not asked what rules? I too did not go to ponder before the fact, the title of the wording, no specific induction rules, often feel titles. But the title is really very important.

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