Love the sea is really not your new love Shanghai space article


, must be closed. The following is according to the features of the new edition of Shanghai Hu Yang love space with advanced search instructions to love Shanghai the query results (except in the address bar in the input box with & lm=1:


, from a perspective of the new Shanghai dragon space love Shanghai compared with the previous major so different aspects:

Title: 1, the title of the article _ blog name;


from figure two, Shanghai dragon why

post about the new love Shanghai space

3, the old version of the upgrade space before the default column name into the tag tag;


, love Shanghai one day your new love Shanghai space article


post about the new love Shanghai space Figure three

4, the old version of space is only title, and the new version of love Shanghai space to write a complete title, keywords and description.

2, the address got rid of blog and the suffix HTML;

1, the main address increased by new;

problem: two, new love Shanghai space which features


answer: first analysis of love Shanghai space article page source code:

whether the webmaster or Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel, believe to love Shanghai space are not strange. Love space in Shanghai this year’s biggest move is the evaluation of the superior space, we love Shanghai new space is mixed. For our Shanghai dragon, or not to upgrade actually for us is not particularly important, it is important not included inside the article? This is our most concern. Wuhan Shanghai Longfeng Hu Yang love play space in Shanghai for several years, last year to write an article entitled "love sea space" of the latest research results of the article, interested friends can go to see, but a bit outdated. Here’s what key: love Shanghai space is really not included new love Shanghai space in this? In fact, we just do not good enough.

let’s take a look at how many people focus on new love Shanghai space articles included:



from the above results we can see clearly that the love of Shanghai new love Shanghai space included in this article is very objective.

, Shanghai: love not your new love Shanghai space article

, the three problem: how to make your new love love Shanghai Shanghai space article

from Figure 1, A5

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