Shanghai to promote the revision of the Shanghai dragon love what effect

optimization will more attention. The advertisement position is less, if enterprises or advertisers do not want to increase the budget, you may choose to do search engine optimization. Even if the increase in the budget is not guaranteed to advertising in left advertisement position or the front position, so the choice of Shanghai dragon or a better choice optimization.


I am a webmaster, a beauty cosmetic net (贵族宝贝mryzw贵族宝贝/) for several years without a score, so as a Shanghai dragon Er, I was a failure. But I still eager for this occupation to Shanghai Dragon Square casts a thousand beams. yao. However, analysis of the problem is to use the dialectical thinking, so we have to love about the advantages and disadvantages of Shanghai to promote the revision of Shanghai Longfeng analysis.

love Shanghai promotion notice

first of all we say is good, we all love to hear the good news. Shanghai to promote the revision of the Shanghai dragon love the benefits of the optimization is:

heard the good news we talk about bad news, that is the Shanghai dragon optimization problem:

natural ranking competition will intensify. For home shows though advertising less, but the natural search ranking results is still 10. If you do more optimization, which means more competition.

The Shanghai dragon

site traffic may increase. Now there are obvious signs of commercial advertising promotion promotion on advertising, the subject is more obvious, this will make people dislike advertising to avoid ads, click on the search engine optimization results.


love Shanghai bidding new model launch, Shanghai dragon optimization ranking top to. According to relevant sources of promotion will love Shanghai bidding mode adjustment, promotion mode "new URL directional promotion ”, this mode is as long as the purchase of the designated website above URL, then search related keywords for advertising will appear in this website.


from above, we can see that most are good Shanghai dragon er. However, as a generalization of the current love love Shanghai Shanghai main income corporate profits, is not an easy job to do "love Shanghai

website ranking compared to the previous position will be closer to the top (see the front position is not ranking). Love Shanghai promotion advertising less, the natural result will be ranked in front, more people will click on.

since May 24th, Shanghai made a formal love search engine has been revised to adjust, the right advertising has been canceled, and the left side of each page only a maximum of 4 advertising. If you are a Shanghai dragon Er saw this news is not a little excited? The natural ranking pages will increase the number of clicks, after all, home advertising reduced so much. But the love of Shanghai to promote the revision of whether it means that Shanghai dragon spring is coming? What are the effects of

Through the analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of


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