Because the site was down the right analysis and Solutions

3: site excessive optimization


site is down right, not necessarily where you don’t do well or not grasp the lead down the right, in fact, do Shanghai dragon "degree" is a key point, and the search engine has been changed, you may website today not tomorrow will be fine. Well, can talk about some of my views:


2: website updated in place

7 accumulation

site is down right or what are some of the symptoms of

The optimization of website

1: website content

content of the website and the theme of the site does not meet some friends in order to fill their own website, the results released many independent and their site topics, which may lead to site is down right.

Now more and more

your website content most online duplicate content, or you collected directly from the online content, the content of the repetition rate is too high, resulting in lower right.


5: Links implicated right down, and you do not behave well site connected to each other, or you are connected to the rubbish site or K site is down right

4: the structure of the site is not stable, often modify title keyword description, especially modify title is most likely to be right down to the

some friends love accumulation keywords, this is a kind of cheating, the search engine is not love this way

2: the content of the website included a significant reduction in the number of

6: the server is not stable and a poor quality of the server can ruin your website especially punished the server or unstable server, there are a lot of garbage sites on the server, the K is down right or doing pornography and other aspects of the site are a time bomb

website update not regularly or not updated for a long time will cause the site right down

site performance?

website optimization Shanghai dragon was also discussed between the webmaster most is how the site included, how to do website ranking, website is down right, how to do so, and today we analyze together some of the reasons under the site is down right and corresponding solutions:

1: website ranking drop or disappear

8: website was hacked by someone is linked to the horse to hang a lot of junk links.

3: website snapshot update is very slow, or stay at a certain time, also included is slow, or stop by

There are many reasons why the

some friends of the master is not very good, can use the means are used, the results do not only ranking is not good, but counterproductive, the specific degree of how to grasp, not a fixed number, can only say is to go through a lot of practice and exercise area summary some rules or techniques.

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