The truth of life with links to judge the chain

site outside the chain, I think we all understand this, especially Links reflected this is particularly prominent, many webmaster exchange links will be selected and peer exchange links. On this point we can understand so, for example, we have chosen one of the best doctors. If you take a vote to choose (the chain is equivalent to the site to vote, I think many people know), if a doctor or nurse, or the patient to vote, certainly than the medical profession or not seen the disease people vote is more important, this correlation is outside chain.

what conditions?The quality of the chain of

, the author has summarized from four aspects to judge, the four aspects of "relevance, authoritative, comprehensive, healthy".

Extensive The authority of the

second, the authority of

First, the correlation between

third, extensive

site outside the chain, to this point, then we mentioned above, choose the best doctor said, when it came to the vote in the medical industry, and as chief physician, associate chief physician, physician, nurse and so on. We can imagine out very clearly, chief physician must vote than nurses vote is more important, here also say, you imagine, if there is a mayor, do not understand the medical industry, also haven’t seen the disease, he cast a doctor a ticket, the ticket this vote may be better than his medical industry which most people have a lot of important investment. This is the chain of authority.


The correlation between

healthThe health of the


site outside the chain, we should also understand this point. The chain is certainly more healthy and better, and to vote, if it is a criminal or a fake cast the doctor vote, I think you will not admit it or believe that one vote, they might also have the opposite effect, a cheater said a good doctor, you dare to find the doctor of course, you also? "

is engaged in or know Shanghai Longfeng people know, a web site outside of the chain, plays an important role in helping the website weight. In the cloud: content is king, the chain for the emperor. So, how are we going to let us become a site outside the chain of the emperor. A website of the emperor, it should have some

site outside the chain, the chain is the source of our IP should be widely distributed, through the above two points, if you can think of why the chain to widely distributed? Then the above said, everyone has the right to vote, and the Internet, each page can do link. A family of four, four people have voted that the doctor is one vote, four votes. Four families, each family inside a person to throw the doctor then also vote, four votes. The same four votes, obviously, the latter is more important than the former four votes four votes more than. This is the breadth of the chain.

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