What are the web page optimization techniques




page optimization directly affects your site in the sea of love included in the amount and the amount collected is an important index of love Shanghai weight, while the page and website structure can be controlled, we start from this aspect, introduces the optimization of the web page.

search engine to enter your site every step of the work is to extract the text, and we can do is to reduce the search engine to extract the text content of the difficulty, and we will do is site optimization, is streamlined to minimize unnecessary HTML code, HTML code, which we can delete tables, notes etc. that call external CSS, reduce file size, file too search engine could only index to half part.

The content of

streamlined code


page optimization needs reasonable application, Keywords tag page tab (keywords): the main page should include the core keywords, description tag (description) using a modified page description: the meaning of words, try to make each page appear different descriptions and picture tags (ALT): if the page pictures, can add alt tag.


text contains inside and outside the chain chain, which plays an important role in internal links, internal links also have an impact on the page keywords and text relevance, is one of the most important basis to tell search engines are linked page theme content, internal links can we control, when there is a keyword in other page page add text description.

content must be associated with the content of your website, about 200-300 words, the content need to highlight keywords, and keyword appears in the first 50 words in the article, more important, but do not repeat the key words superimposed.

The label

page title page optimization is the most important factor, mainly in the title tag in the same site, even if the same theme, different content, page title cannot be unified, needs to have its own unique title, the title page in the optimization for the first major factors, the search engine will directly determine the page. The correlation, so different page repeat title is fatal, not only poor user experience, search users simply do not know what is the content of your page.


page title

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