Love Shanghai snapshot save significant loophole exchange chain should not see the snapshot

can also see the release point in time is September 20th. But love Shanghai but due to the title of the article contains a snapshot of March 26th, shown in March 26th snapshot. In this view, there are still bug love Shanghai in some ways when judging the snapshot. In this view, love is not like Shanghai snapshot love Shanghai official said that the criteria can be used as a page is updated with new content. Love is just love Shanghai Shanghai snapshot as to improve the user experience of search engine, a parameter in the intent of this article is to tell the user what was released, or this article finally is at what time the editor revised.

love Shanghai

so, love in Shanghai to determine the release time or update time, it is not only the spider first visited the page or the first time, found the page modified time to set. But there are more complex criteria, resulting in snapshot date appears in the title date the same phenomenon. By the above judgment, we can draw the conclusion: obviously love Shanghai snapshot is to allow users search more accurate understanding of the article published or updated, and not included in the time.



therefore, standard time is not inevitable reaction of website quality love Shanghai snapshot. Many webmaster friends exchange link love love Shanghai, love Shanghai overnight snapshot weight, included quantity, PR value can be detected directly by the webmaster tools, but ignore the other details of the entire station. In fact, the exchange Links, really want to do, is to enter each other website, see the website structure, content, speed, detail factors and website operators generally mode and so on this aspect, the people’s point of view to determine the site quality, but not limited to death index. (please indicate: This article from the Wuhan badminton net 贵族宝贝whymq贵族宝贝  

love Shanghai snapshot date has always been the webmaster as a standard to judge a site quality exchange Links when. However, the update frequency snapshot date love Shanghai really and site quality? No relationship. We first look at a snapshot of bug:


www.whymq贵族宝贝 this is my domain name registered in September 13, 2012. After the registration of the published article, there is a very old news

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