Shanghai dragon is an understatement Theory to practice through


speaking of Shanghai dragon, is always a topic of many other. Some people say that Shanghai is the Dragon promotion, also said the Shanghai dragon is deceptive things, every day with the content, the chain, to their ability to brag about how high, such a person is not in the minority. But is it? Our site does not have good rankings, so it is no wonder that. I want to say is "Shanghai dragon is the theory to the practice through the theory of master! In reality too much, but the real will be through the use of talent too little, it is no wonder that more people see is just a presentation.

In order to optimize the

: Shanghai dragon is insight through

read the book dead, out of the final.

IP traffic, at the residence time, as a webmaster, do you have the reason? What kind of content is the focus on the development, and the content, classification and there is no need to exist, browsing your site is to belong to what kind of a person? You have observed these. If not, you don’t have included didn’t flow and find the reasons.

two: Shanghai dragon is the theory through

that something, how many webmaster, Shanghai dragon Er is to recharge to drive a duck onto a perch? Every day browsing the pages of the tutorial, you harvest? In your mind, and you can write what Shanghai dragon? Shanghai dragon is a science, or not probably there are so many people in the pursuit of excellence in the daily optimization technology. But the binary here also said, Shanghai dragon then something, just to see if you can pass a law and Lawspirit, such as the Shanghai dragon optimization is to make the user experience, user experience is what? "Someone can tell you" users enjoy browsing the website of the entire process, rather than the the chaos without a clue to find direction, not to dislike advertising flying all over the sky." How to do, and achieve a better optimization effect, then see if you can learn something through to them.

search engine ranking is not always the first, but the survival of the fittest, consistent with its rules ranking or fly for a while, for rules change, ranking drop out of it. In website optimization, as long as a little bit ranking sites, the main optimization scheme is in line with the rule of the search engine, but why not always being in the position of the bound? The reason is that the search engine will not rule through. Than you high ranking sites, do better than you in some ways, but when you do in Shanghai Longfeng whether each other, analyzed the optimization scheme of each other, which optimize the factors more accord with search engine optimization rules than you? Even if there are technology, blind to death, finally caught it is only the general direction of the search engine rules, not always talent shows itself is Richard in them. Moreover, no outdated technology, lack of grasp the search engines continue to insight, must be finally eliminated.

Every day at the

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