Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis advocate white hat Shanghai dragon rejected black hat Shanghai dragon

criticized after as soon as possible to restore the site or keyword ranking for a friend’s recommendation, I found a professional A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis (www. Shanghai dragon zhenduan贵族宝贝) optimization team to help, hope they can restore the site ranking and traffic in the shortest possible time, so the boss doesn’t give me every day look, you >

! The boss of ! But

, so eager to see the results, ranking and flow, finally I have to try to "black hat Shanghai dragon", by some of the less legitimate methods, such as, buy black chain indiscriminately, hidden links, anchor text links, software brush love Shanghai drop-down box, brush flow, such as keyword ranking some of these people, the most commonly used method, or did not think it is very useful, the website in a week after the Shanghai love big update not only outside the chain of a surge, a lot of the main keywords ranking are up. The main keywords ranking up flow naturally comes up, the boss see such results, very happy, immediately said to give me a big red envelope.

this situation I actually met, is a design company, last year down efficiency is not good, therefore, the boss thought of using the network resources, through the network to bring order to the company, she has always believed that their pay will be immediately effective, but the fact is not true, she choose to do is therefore, the natural ranking is not bidding for the network optimization staff every day with the pressure of work, the boss every day staring at the site’s ranking and flow, keyword ranking fluctuated slightly, she will be furious, ask why you will come down, a few days ago did not fall like? Do I really Speechless how to explain, explain, the key is your explanation she will think you against her, will become a good atmosphere of embarrassment.

website keywords ranking and flow of good times don’t last long, lasted less than a month, in a search engine update, ranking overnight back to the place before, second days to see the results immediately silly eye, but it is expected, is the "black hat Shanghai dragon" method itself the make up, how can ask the site ranking steady play real? And search engine is changing all the time, but no matter how, not the website ranking, there is no way to cross the boss, the boss see always the result will not be the process, oneself can do so. My preparation, this is no way to do

is currently a lot of enterprises recruit staff are anxious optimization in the next seconds to see the results of the network, three days after the boss will see tangible results, that is the site keywords and ranking, as Shanghai dragon ER the pressure is self-evident, every day the boss behind the urge you to effect, and Shanghai dragon is not three days can be effective, this is a long-term process, the effect may not be immediately apparent, this is every webmaster know things, but business owners do not want to understand this, this is our most big

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