Website optimization experience of large inner chain, the station on the chain

the construction of the chain many Shanghai dragon Er experienced, but here to remind you, do not affect Shanghai dragon tools, such as some numerical Webmaster Tools query to just let your reference. Here is an example of personal experience, was doing mobile phone lottery software 贵族宝贝91ccx贵族宝贝/soft/cprj.html site link exchange, there is a just on the line less than 2 months to find my website for friends of the chain, check each other’s weight and keywords ranking are not, I resolutely say the new website is too inappropriate. But after a month, when I’m searching for a friend chain exchange, also happened to find his website, again at the quality of the other site, the PR value is 3, and the ranking is very good. When exchanging links, there must be a long-term vision, from the amount included in the site, update frequency, website content and other aspects of judgment "

The importance of the

(1) love Shanghai and some other search engine cheating foreign chain hit the chain and not before so valuable, and some high weight site for friends of the chain of quality control is very strict, the construction of the chain is very difficult;

search engine now repeatedly stressed that the content of the part in the construction of the chain is content. The construction of the chain is Shanghai dragon Er pay more attention to the place, because the chain can take people’s weight passed over, and the chain is simply toss on his web site, so the construction of the chain has been optimized to do friends pay more attention to the place. In the work of optimization of mobile phone lottery software products station, we mainly focus on the chain to optimize the station content less, the chain has the advantages of simple structure, has been neglected, but at this stage, some Shanghai dragon Er has adjusted the direction of the chain on the priority among priorities of Shanghai Longfeng work. Recently, in the search keywords ranking mobile phone lottery software, I found a lot of page ranking is very good, from the search engine, the weight of the chain is more and more high, this is a big trend. Recently our mobile phone lottery software also adjust the direction of optimization, increase the optimization of the inside pages, there are two reasons:

said the large inner chain, the station on the chain, this sentence is reasonable. The content of the website of abundant, inside chain complex, make the content, the chain is very important. But the station less content, the chain has the advantages of simple structure, optimize it mainly from the chain, such as mobile phone lottery software products. Whether large or small, fully illustrates the point, inside and outside the chain chain effect. Today to share with you how to build inside and outside the chain chain.

although the construction of the chain and the chain is a topic topic that a commonplace talk of an old scholar, the old classic, indicating that there is a great article. Many people put in the chain understood as simple internal connection, the chain is the external links, such understanding can not say he was wrong, but a little shallow.

(2) enterprise station included less, and included always stopped, from the search engine rankings, the amount collected is an important prerequisite for good website ranking.

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