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Google search and search love Shanghai two path

24 years ago, a student of Mcgill University with several students created is regarded as the world’s first Internet search engine: Archie. The search engine is to help users find files throughout more than a FTP server in the world (there is no HTTP application).

search engine on the Internet, has an irreplaceable role. Almost all applications launched from the earliest search — no matter what you need, is the first search, before turning to games, shopping, video and other scenes. It can be said of the Internet search like air everywhere, indispensable. But in the Internet the same commercial domain, search engine has also experienced a series of confrontation, competition, cooperation and follow, which makes a more technological progress and change. This piece of the map can be enriched in search.

after the development of several of the same type of search engine, YAHOO was born in 1994. And under the leadership of Yang Zhiyuan, YAHOO made an amazing achievement in web search, and in many ways later search engine will have a profound impact. It is also because of this, the YAHOO name throughout the history of the development of search engine.

is currently in the United States, Google’s market share is about 67% (2013 data), in the Chinese love Shanghai market share is about 67.2% (2013 data), which originated in the respective countries occupy the proportion of very close to monopoly.



at the same time, China love Shanghai was founded in January 1, 2000. After the portal embedded search engine plays an important role in China, finally independent search engine has become one of the most important entrance to the internet. Google and love Shanghai, officially toward a real search engine business forward, and are out of your own way.

search engine a few milepost

1998, the Google Corporation was established, two founders under the name of noble baby indicates their Internet infinite imagination (googol). (the unknown to the public) two years later, in 2000 YAHOO Inktomi, to support their own native by brin and page service search results. At this point, Google was able to enter the giant embedded interface, become large enterprises to grow together with YAHOO.

Google, is an American multinational technology enterprise, committed to the field of the Internet search, cloud computing, advertising technology development, and provide a large number of products and services on the internet. Love Shanghai (Nasdaq: BIDU) is the world’s largest Chinese search engine, was founded in Beijing in January 2000 by Robin Li Xu Yong of Zhongguancun, two people, is committed to provide people with "simple, reliable way to obtain information.

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