To create more accord with Google search engine website

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2. structure of the station, we often hear that noble baby robot than love Shanghai spiders to be strong, the crawling ability is extremely strong, so that even if one does not take what thinking to do to optimize the structure of the station, robot also can fully grasp, in fact I think it is a very dangerous idea, noble baby robot is fully automatic, so we need more hard to strengthen the internal website optimization, to create a line with the structure of the website robot crawling. The details are as follows:

Optimization of

A. concise code, which is what we call the site to lose weight, because Google health, simple web site is very popular;

D. anchor text, the noble baby doesn’t seem like love like Shanghai, an anchor text can optimize several key words, such as "Shanghai dragon website optimization of the anchor text, to love Shanghai to optimize the" Shanghai dragon website optimization, website optimization, website of Shanghai dragon "and" Shanghai dragon optimization "" Shanghai dragon "and" optimization "of these words, and the anchor text to the noble baby would have on the website optimization" >

if you love Shanghai is content is king, the chain for the emperor of the country, so I think Google is the content for the emperor, the chain is king of the country. Between the two algorithms are very different, need to take a different approach and noble baby love Shanghai to optimize, the author of this period of time in the study of noble baby optimization, will also be a few of their new less popular keywords crowded nobility baby home page, because not too popular keywords, I think not convincing enough, so I will not put out to say, but I still want to use this article to share ideas and methods to optimize the Google.

since March 23, 2010 0 formally withdraw from the mainland market Chinese baby aristocracy, nobility baby search engine in the China market share has been in decline, so far, the noble baby search engine in the market share of only 17.8% Chinese. Nevertheless, the noble baby with a 72.1% share of the market still occupy the global search engine market in the first place. Usually, Shanghai dragon people in the optimization of the web site is mainly for the love of Shanghai, but if you want to do foreign trade, or cannot do without the noble baby search engine. Recently, a man broke the news on the Internet, says to do noble baby optimization, candidates will be away. Oh! It is not easy to do optimization seems nobility baby ah, I believe that many of the Shanghai dragon felt.

C. pages, Shanghai dragon people know that too many pages is not conducive to the rank of the website;

B. has the internal links of internal links, in order to, otherwise it will cause robot to find the focus of the web site;

, a station optimization

1. high quality original content, the content for the emperor, needless to say, the noble love baby the same as in Shanghai, also love the high quality of the original article.

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