Entering a new circle of Shanghai dragon speech training industry of Shanghai in the eyes of the Dra

in May this year, I went to an interview in Shanghai dragon, to apply for before, I only know Shanghai dragon called search engine optimization, may see the boss I have a desire to learn, then I will stay with the company down, the salary is low, after all, I do not know what. I came to the company while self-study, while doing, but the web site not, what should I do, the school website, consulting a few friends, I recommend a website, but will not give up, and then learn? Well, considering that there is no basis, I just want to find a Shanghai Longfeng tutor, learning system. I like this, after careful consideration, spent a tremendous effort, and ultimately the company pay me at the Shanghai dragon network training, is nothing more than a video tutorial, on this side, while doing.

Lu teacher Hello, focus on your blog for a long time, this time, I have added some of the QQ group, sometimes chatting with them, now the Shanghai dragon group are some training institutions, training institutions will be established or the group, which most of the novice, know nothing of the majority of people, I am free when there is a reply to some of their questions, but to answer the more chance to be playing more.


so he would like to contribute articles to describe him in the eyes of the Shanghai dragon training industry, first of all to thank the teacher Lu to provide such a platform to publish this article below, do a simple self introduction: I am Uncle Tang, a Shanghai Longfeng beginners, in May of this year I came into contact with Shanghai and Phoenix. Study of Shanghai dragon, as of today, almost half the time, I have seen through the confusion, "dawn", I still walk on the road of Shanghai dragon.

now I have some foundation, now look at the video tutorial, I found that the tutorial about the macro too, believe a lot of people will have this kind of feeling, just say, is not telling the details. Of course, I was good, and not deceived, after all this institution is a strong, now some enterprising young people want to learn Shanghai dragon, and hard to save the last two months wages, a training institution, and then cheated, compared with them, I was a lucky er.

is the cause of this, the author Uncle Tang sent me a message, in micro-blog as follows:

(pictures: finally entered the Shanghai dragon circle)


when you review this topic, I will recall the sad journey, imperceptibly write off. Dangling over the past six months, the recent period of time, I feel like I have achieved, of course I’m going to be all well, I will find a few Shanghai Longfeng exchange group, in the choice of group I have the sieve to get rid of some obvious Shanghai dragon training group, so I joined the application after screening several large number of groups, this is. "

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