The webmaster should beware of website ranking Urn pushed to

actually said so much we must also understand that knowledge is unable to penetrate their bone marrow, let it become a habit. Remember the webmaster has always emphasized the words "execution", the execution of absolute decent ranking in the website optimization, many workstations long feel very simple and very tedious and too lazy to do, but we should also understand the phrase "eat bitter one" ah, so still should carry out in the end.

believe that every webmaster to do rankings from the idea to the bitter, website construction, domain name to forecast website online, search engine optimization stage, which is full of tears and sweat how many webmaster, as the saying goes "it is easy to city" ah! The rankings may be hard to do at the moment we do you inadvertently disappear, so in order to avoid the tragedy, and share the influence factors of the website rankings:

today to share with you, hoping to help the webmaster, if you think what’s wrong or wrong.

The stability of score, ranking easier said than done?

3, avoid death chain, garbage chain. The death is mainly reflected in the internal links, this is mainly the webmaster of the revision of the easy mistakes, in order to save a little space to delete the original website structure, resulting in a large number of pages have to point to 404, greatly reduce the spider on the website of the

4, Links. Now I basically get up in the morning after going to the Links Webmaster Tools query site is good, whether to remove or open the website, webmaster found after cleaning, so as not to have the drop right site joint our love station, so as to affect the ranking, Links is very important, I hope a lot of attention.

2, the original web site. Since the search engine is the original love, no more content in the fine, but compared to the many explanations we should also understand, not to say that the snapshot ranking will be stable, stable, is constantly changing, so the original can not stop.

, 5 competitors. When the site of cycle stable we observe can be extended, but also should not matter, competitors often browse news, "in order to understand baizhanbudai, maybe someday competitors will overtake you, and love Shanghai home can let others go up ten, your ranking is not natural Paul, so in order to prevent the tragedy, owners should also observe the competition website.

1, a web server. This factor is the optimization should pay more attention to things from the beginning, but many webmaster when the website snapshot are stable, it is easy to ignore the server instability brought murder.

we all know that the server is not stable, serious impact on the spiders crawl, thus affecting the website ranking, so I want to keep the rankings off, we should pay more attention to the stability of the domain name server and server space, the better, I hope you adhere to the.

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