How to effectively protect your shlf1314 advertising accountSmall flow site to make money, the key i

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3. promptly replied to questions raised by shlf1314.

Dangdang League: union.dangdang/

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well, some thieves are really not very smart. On one occasion, one of my websites was completely hacked, and the thief not only forgot to remove my Adsense code, but also attracted shlf1314’s attention. shlf1314 found the hacked site because the thief was using my advertising code. They contacted me and asked me why I had these anomalies, so I explained the whole story to them. After I replied, there was no news of shlf1314. And I’m starting to get a little nervous. So I wrote them again and attached the last contact. This time I received a response, and they said they had already made a note on my account saying that I was no longer the domain name

most sites are appropriate:

now, the joint operation of many platform games, there is a call to play the league, is the joint operation of web game platform a leisure chess, join the site if the user opened the game members or buy game items and other value-added services, will play alliance according to the cooperation scale of website 40%-60% Commission, interested owners, you can try. Webmasters can always change leagues, maybe your network

many webmasters are afraid of their accounts due to malicious clicks, or other shlf1314 is considered to have violated its restrictive provisions of behavior, resulting in being K. This fear makes sense. Some of my friends also told me that their accounts were inexplicably K. Of course, there are always two sides to everything. But you can see that shlf1314 cares most about the interests of advertisers advertisers, not you, the advertiser. But it’s fair, too,

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said the web site to make money, flow is the foundation, but if there is no traffic, cannot make money? No, the key is to look at your website, if you are the original content of the website, and the type of the Internet does not overflow, then your website will be able to make money! A lot to do stand for interested friends finally, why can make money? And wanted to make money, but does not necessarily make money? It is because you do stand friend interested in the energy into the content of the website, and finally all want to make money, pay attention to promotion, finally failed to retain users! Or confirms the content is king. So, but your site in the early stage, how to adhere to and develop? In fact, the best way is to increase the number of profit pattern, website income, even if it is 1 yuan of money, you will also continue! Had income, you may do better

some friends are Adsense, hoping to get rich by making their friends or family members sign their own advertisements. Maybe you think it’s okay again. What’s the matter? But it’s not smart or immoral to do it. First of all, the advertisers are paid for these people, others hard to make money, do some advertising. You can ask someone to go crazy hits, it doesn’t mean you put other people’s hard-earned money into the toilet? What is the difference between this and steal? Secondly, if shlf1314 found a large number of clicks are from a IP address may not be your IP address, do you think it will take you to the advertising fee? You deserve to take this risk?

if you’re not careful with your ads someone has done it, the best thing to do is to report to shlf1314 immediately. In fact, shlf1314 asks you to do the same. If shlf1314 thinks you’re honest and outspoken, you won’t lose your account K. Your account may be warned or less, but it’s better to report it yourself than to let them find out. But don’t turn this into a habit,

shlf1314 looks at an Adsense account like an eagle, especially when you’re new. They stared at the source of the IP address and watched the malicious click carefully. I have a friend who ordered her own ads and joined K in 2 days, even though I don’t have 100% ways to make sure your account isn’t K, but I have some skills that make you get along well with shlf1314.

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2. don’t ask your friends or family to do your advertising,

Ali mum: alimama/

Taobao: taoke.alimama/

revenue come from? The average web site depends on the alliance, and the entertainment sites can rely on advertising and SP. But such a station is not all sites are suitable, in fact, sometimes advertising depends on efficiency. Pay per click advertising is not necessarily suitable for small traffic sites. Monthly advertising is not much chance, this time, we choose the best effect of advertising, for example you help merchants to sell a product, the Commission of 20%, if the products are expensive, so your commission is quite objective, even if a user is successful, can also be divided to many commissions. In this way, less traffic can still have a good income, the key is to do for your website promotion products. Again, some games are joint operation platform, according to recharge with Commission, personally think, but also more suitable for small flow of web sites. Here are a few good league like this:

1. promptly reported accidental hits on

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