Tips make money and promote the rapid promotion of equal importance

and I work Kaobo over, in order to interest and research needs, launched online media website, which has received about the website offline promotion list, had a small harvest. I would like to share with you friends and predecessors through the A5 platform.

a few months ago, I had posted a post on A5, which talked about offline promotion, and I once said there was a case that was classic and was in business secrets, and it wasn’t open at that time. So far, that event has ended and it’s been a success, so I’ll sort it out here and share it with you:

one, promotion principle: do not spend a penny, had better make about one hundred thousand

was a bit of an exaggeration to hear that at first. But you won’t be surprised to read my post. What is the purpose of our website? Make money! Of course, but by the advertising provided by Google, how long can a small website make a lot of money?. Of course, my online media is not to make money for the purpose, I am Kaobo as a data integration platform and the establishment of the. The best way to do this is to sell the website and two to do the next line.

two, promotional purposes: to promote the popularity of the site, creating a sensation

it’s really not an easy issue for a website to make a splash in the short run. The only way is speculation, but it seems that recently all the webmaster all know the word speculation, and speculation began through a variety of soft skills in this tutorial, all over the world with the era, the network hype is somewhat out of date. What to do? Look at my case:

three, combined with social hot spots, began accurate line public relations planning

I take the operation of the A website I just planned as an example. A site is a local portal site, less than five months of construction site, registered users less than 1000 people. My goal is to move up to more than 20000 people in two weeks. That’s what I did.

1, combined with social hot spots: May 12th is Wenchuan 1st anniversary, each city will have commemorative activities. We find an insurance company, we compiled a booklet called "A city earthquake relief manual", 128 dimensions, seven or eight pages of paper, I promise the insurance company, first, the arrival rate is 300%, (by the students, a student with two parents); second, by resort to resort to intimidation and comfort and cross the way, the public can achieve wide attention; third, because of the activity itself has great public, can make the relevant part of the media industry in front, are interested in reports. In this way, insurance companies are very interested.

2, the insurance company provided me with a sum of money enough for me to print these pamphlets and print about more than 6000 copies. And there’s a lot of money left. This money can be used as a fund for your future activities and can be used as your PR expense for your media

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