The initial development of the analysis of local portal station

thank you for the first time, the article is not very good, please forgive me. If you don’t say anything, begin the text directly:

local website, a very good direction of development, a promising direction of development.. For the initial construction of local websites, the most basic space, there is nothing to say. The domain name is very important to choose the best place, you have a relationship with the local domain name, but you can easily remember that, such as silver (silver) Baiyin home home (home, home) very memorable.

first, the content of the site and layout settings, these seem not very much, in fact, very important, in the initial stage of development is to the popularity of a website, but not for comprehensive, so the early to feel the most development content of the construction is good, with good content and popularity, it is developed sooner or later.

second, about competition.

this problem is very important for local sites. If you don’t make a good study of your future competitors in the early stages of development, you will fail sooner or later. You should have a good understanding of local home sites, including the government site, look at the development direction and content of their website, and then study how development can have good benefits, to talent shows itself in between them.

third, how to do early promotion,

The promotion of

website has always been the most puzzling question for every webmaster. Here I will give a brief account of the promotion methods of local websites. The best promotion is to let all of your local website computer set your site to the home page, of course, it depends on your ability problem. Then you can see if the government computer can be your website. It depends on whether you have any relatives or friends in the government. Yes, you can make a free movie website on your website to increase popularity and traffic. For example, silver home has its own movie website, so it’s good for your development.

If you are a

of capital owners, can play their own ads in the local bus, because the people on the bus is the most, well, this is something here, do not write well please support.

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