SNS’s value flaws and commercial reshaping

whether FaceBook or on campus, I never really agree with the value of SNS, at least not agree with the commercial value of SNS. The development of Internet technology and economic tools is that I agree with SNS, and as an important part of internet entertainment, its core creation has to comply with the "basic law of boring is a kind of productive forces". In my opinion, boredom is indeed a productive force, but the product is "more boring" or "more boring."". FaceBook although prosperous, but in the hit American drama "The Big Bang Theory" was extremely ridiculed, become 80, 90 young people and society and the world out of Logo.

in my opinion, SNS as an online communication and communication means and tools, and only with e-commerce integration, can find the meaning of survival.

e-commerce is the value field that combines the Internet platform and traditional commerce. Facing the development and evolution of SNS for a long time, the important technical and social theories in the West haven’t made a positive and effective discussion and analysis up to now. YAHOO once as the Internet pioneer and long time leading the trend of the times, although in the search field and Google race under the wind, but I have been expecting YAHOO to have greater as. I am delighted that YAHOO launched the "YAHOO", combined with ALI, Taobao will complement each other, SNS and e-commerce integration, second from the field of value deep discovered the economic significance.

As a technological product of the theory of 6 degree relations,

SNS has a short time, and has been widely sought after on a global scale. Especially in this year’s Internet Conference, SNS as a major topic of coordination with the video, the time and distribution in the sub forums, people feel its concern. "SNS" or "6 degrees of relationship theory", both in the relationship between people on the article, and seems to have a relationship, there is value. However, if a small town in the real world, so I can estimate the relationship more complex is not more than three degrees; and on the Internet, regardless of the relationship is a few degrees, it is certain that as long as more than 2 degrees, it is remote. There is an old saying in China: "a distant relative is better than a near neighbor."". If this relationship is established on the basis of SNS, and after a lot of twists and turns, it will not be of any value unless it hangs with commercial interests. E-commerce is remote and SNS is remote. Only the intervention of e-commerce can make SNS truly valuable, SNS can become a logical product of commercial consciousness and humanistic consciousness to a certain extent. Only in this way can SNS be viable and be accepted by history.

from this point of view, "YAHOO" is a product of keen observation and accurate positioning, a target of the development of ideas and the role of the market it is all SNS had to survive the Internet is growing; "

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