Some problems that should be paid attention to when technicians undertake private activities

as a technology, whether you are at the front, or programming background, may be the name of an individual to undertake the website design or graphic design work, if you are a novice, haven’t received the "private live", then look at the time I wrote the


first, said about the site, you must first say hello to each other to set about what columns, these columns which need dynamic background update function, then ask each other to design good layout requirements, color preferences, and then according to these quotations. Internet companies on the web price is usually based on the size of each other, namely: people see dishes, large groups of tens of thousands of small companies thousands of companies. Sometimes, tens of thousands of sites, a hand into the technical, less than a week on the deal. And personal quotes need to be combined with reality. According to their own situation and demands of each other, about how much energy and time to complete, he put forward the request is very harsh, if you feel within a week to complete, medium and small sized enterprises website, now commonly quoted in 800-2000 about it, this website do press releases, product display, online recruitment. The message, company profiles, online orders, is relatively simple, it is used to change it to change it out, this is not to say. In fact, the quotation also requires a certain eloquence and experience.

secondly, after talking about the good price, don’t forget to make a deposit first. Otherwise, you’ll probably get busy. There are more people to live now, but fewer to live. Maybe someone else will be looking for someone else while you’re starting the production. So, to have some deposit guarantee, generally at least 20% of the total amount, so that he is not afraid of running. First do a home page, to the other side to see, here to speak clearly, the home page dissatisfaction can be modified, but after determining the good, and then put forward the amendment, then have to add money, otherwise, you this web site a month also drum can not get out. If it is through the middle of the job, but also remember the above ah,


finally, remember to do the security measures, one of the soul of the website is often in the home or the beautiful animation, don’t stupid didn’t give money directly to the people to see. If is the first to the program to end the money, then you must leave a hand, you are a programmer is not more than I say. Oh, these are some of my work experience summary, hope for the novice to help Kazakhstan, write well, you will forgive me. PS: I do web design background, then to now take on the programmer. Ha ha, if there is any need to visit my station:, there are cases and contact information.

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