How does the download type site work

we take stationmaster download network as an example, say how to download type website, how to operate in the end, in order to play the best effect.

1. Update


if you visit webmaster download frequently, you can find it updated every day, and the quality is all right. No matter what the time, it’s really difficult to do that. You can even say that in the domestic category of download sites, it is ranked first, and many web content is collected from the webmaster download network, this search you can find.

two, home page is reasonable,

updates almost always can be recommended because the home page displays more content. This way you can try to keep up to date with the latest updates and the most popular updates. This is very good, you don’t have to go to carefully check each items below, such a glance, nature is the most convenient for users. It feels good to have everything under control.

three, update features

again is stationmaster, download network respect is more distinctive, the characteristic is distinctive in congener website. After you add a new content, you will not create a new page again, but add content updates on the original basis. You check the number of pages, you can know, only tens of thousands of records, if each time the establishment of new pages, it is estimated that this number is far from enough. Why is this? Very simple, source code and other content is not the same, the era of relatively strong, updated fast, no one will go to look at the old code, but to check the latest, which is enough to use.

four, PR high

general web site home weight is relatively high, and the webmaster download network is different, not only the home page weight is high, content page is also very high, can catch up with the general small website weight. You can check, click the relatively high weight, often reached more than three. This has a lot to do with the way it is updated. After all, a source code will be updated as soon as it is published, and each time the engine accesses it, record it. For a long time, it weight is not high, not to mention the content page is so high, the home page, needless to say.

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