From four specific analysis, WeChat store can not counter attack Taobao’s real reason

for most people, WeChat has penetrated into everyday life, and this excellent social software is popular with the public, especially young people, because of its powerful functions. With the improvement and expansion of the function, WeChat timely launched the "WeChat store", the marketing model and concept into the WeChat, which is WeChat in the field of e-commerce in a new exploration. And this exploration has obviously been praised by many people in the industry. Some even say that WeChat will be the next Taobao. In fact, compared with Taobao, WeChat store, whether it is user experience, application procedures, or marketing interface, there are some defects in the level of service, restricting their own development. Although WeChat shop this traffic bonus as a guarantee, but in the end, WeChat store all aspects of hardware is not very mature, the fiery was part of speculation out, so in my opinion, WeChat shop to shop what are the lack of electric fans where


store is not a comprehensive infrastructure for the platform. WeChat store since its introduction, soon by all parties concerned, but in the application for certification, WeChat store there are still some places need improvement, one of which is the application process complex, higher threshold. WeChat store is the WeChat platform to build a public native mode based on authentication in completing the application, some of the more complex, such as the need to verify the service number, but also for WeChat payment function, application procedures cumbersome, the application cycle will be longer, it can make patient of poor people give up the WeChat store, which effect of its development. To live at first why Taobao can keep so many users, because of its simple principle shop makes some of the roots can grow rapidly, thus completely Wangzhuan million dream. But the shop is not so, in addition to shop outside the shop is not complicated, a transparent and fair search mechanism relies more on a large size over the flow, which means that if there is a large store in the drainage, so the operation cost will be very high.

"circle of friends" commercial flavor, affecting the user experience. What does WeChat do mainly? A lot of people will answer, communicate, chat. Yes, this is the core feature of the social software, work one day tired, pick up the mobile phone open circle of friends, sharing an essay, a sentiment, see friends, chat with friends, WeChat’s mission is enough. Just imagine, if you open the WeChat circle of friends, full screen is a variety of products to sell advertising, what you feel? WeChat marketing advertising was disgusting, affect the user experience, and even lead to resentment users, is one of the major defects of the WeChat store. On the contrary, Taobao is a natural shopping sites, shopping desires and needs of people on Taobao, the product information is not only a superb collection of beautiful things to others caused by interference, and help users to compare goods. This is the biggest difference between the store and Taobao, a major communication software, its own electricity supplier in the field of appeal in the end how big, and now there is no final verdict.

service defects, poor interactivity. In Taobao >

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