Essentials of establishing network access channels

I would like to share some Internet knowledge with you. If you read the letter and feel that you can learn a little knowledge and your department needs this knowledge, please copy it and make it successful.

1, the way to understand interpersonal communication on the Internet

Internet like ground society, only communication carriers are not the same, not the same tool! Internet tools used by the basic QQ, MSN, SKYPE and other chat tools, we use UC and QQ group, met with a video camera, sitting at home, to achieve a cut through the computer, so we can have at home the opportunity to work.

2, a clear understanding of the network into the channel and the ground into the channel difference

The development of

ground development is generally the action circle: column list – invitation – follow – up list. And the development circle on the network is: establish entrance channel (build a station / do blog / post) – Online duty – ABC – promote single. It is not difficult to find, network and ground work the biggest difference lies in the first step, the ground is the way to the active list, a list of the bigger the better, the more detailed the better, and a list is a list, and then through the back of the solicitation, then follow up to promote the single.

and the network to build up the system, the most exquisite is the first step into the people into the channel, this step is the biggest workload, must do well. For a lack of ground connections for the owners, seriously built network, into the channel is the most important. Open the computer every day, whether or not received a new initiative to find out about the cause, will affect the work of the owners. If every day a large number of new people through their own network of people into the channel to find the door to understand, then the owner of the growth is very fast. If no one comes to understand it, it shows that your network has not been built well, and you need to make efforts to build this channel.

How does

build network access channels,


first class for

1, post (to each direct marketing, entrepreneurship, health care, beauty related forums, post, promotional business opportunities)

2, build blogs (build personal blogs, introduce career articles, update articles every day),

3, Taobao store

4, build a website (do ranking optimization, such as ex gratia housing)

second: active knock

5, join direct sales group, know direct sales (through QQ group search function)

6 and QQ direct selling friends (via the QQ online nickname search function)

7, looking for direct marketing blogs from various outlets, find their QQ and contact letters, and make friends with

8,………… All opportunities to meet people

two >

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