Bad Baidu three months included the tragic history of

topic is QQ group (14064739) of a group of friends casually said, I directly used "bring doctrine"".

I’m a layman. I don’t know anything about station building. Everything about it is that it doesn’t know me. I don’t know it, but since I choose to do it, I have to insist on it. I spent a morning time to update the contents of the afternoon looking for friends of the chain, to change people’s soft to your own blog or even go to the forum, nine wins the female master rating. Half a month later, GG included a lot, Baidu did not have a little news.

so I adhere to the above content, but also find a lot of optimization information to Baidu know answer questions every day in ADMIN5 group in the training class, added N webmaster group to learn, I always ask some simple questions since they think, let everyone feel helpless, or is boring, because of my problem, can not give us new harvest, just wasting your time, maybe I am a girl, give me some face, not directly, but I am anxious silence, ignored everyone’s feelings; and some of the group is very enthusiastic, I learned a lot of things to tell me. Know the webmaster, Dora some relevant content, good quality links, and do not tell me the PW link, and PR high chain do what are the advantages of their own station, but also often check the chain So, Baidu K invovling = = = =. Two months later, GG continued to increase, Alexa ranking is on the rise, Baidu still no news.

Some of his predecessors in the group

at this time to give me advice, help me to think of ways to help me check the web site problems, for example: Web content to repeat too much, there is no original keywords, stone masonry = group of friends, master taught me how to do a keyword, popular, popular, the key word in density. Your guidance and help me to improve, by Baidu and GG to IP are also increasing every day, and the kind of people with their PR high standing with me. Every night before going to bed, think, this time should be no problem, will it be open tomorrow morning, Baidu included, but the day was not willing, and half a month later, Baidu still ignored me.

group of friends advised me to apply for a domain name, make a point to refer to the now, I have not accepted, because I had to give up the idea, in addition to daily updates, no longer do other, the updated content is no longer a selective, like task like GG included breakthrough 1W, Alexa up to two hundred W, Baidu still no movement.

I’m downhearted, then announced to the group of friends to help me, I will give up! A group of friends to help me again analysis website, I may be the initial optimization too, advised me to give me encouragement, in shilly-shally time, a good news for me stand by PR0 to PR2 long, I was excited to dare not believe, so, in everyone’s encouragement, I insist on down. < >

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