Another important factor in the rapid promotion of website rankings

I made another important factor so long standing experience to improve the ranking: that is the exchange of high quality similar station, talk about my experience: the beginning of the show not high quality links, is to find a collection of normal and normal snapshot can be (not taking into account the other side of the station’s personal quality, think about health in high quality Baidu pages, because these quality is not high, it is impossible to row so good rankings) again to communicate with friends after his son, ranking included snapshot PR are very good, so it must be of high quality, to find two good standing do links, so my QQ ranking row up soon.. We find some high quality website ranking, a good ranking. Also, I often added backlinks at that time, so it’s also a factor to improve the rankings quickly. Do so long QQ station, feel and low quality QQ station do link really useless, only and ranking good link use is very big, feel 10 low quality is not better than 1 high quality.

, such as QQ space, QQ, net name and other words, ranking in Baidu before you look at a few. The exchange links are high quality, so to do this kind of station does not have high quality links to do the bottom of the word, definitely in these stations behind, because their station is old, links long and quality, it is difficult to beat. If my QQ station and these stations link a few, then enough, ranking must be very much before, if there is no high-quality links, absolutely very much later, so the link exchange is also exquisite.

how to determine quality links? Now, in my personal experience: 1. words in front of several Baidu obviously must be high quality, 2. of this station link within a day from his site and click to your site IP, if no IP is not of high quality. I even tried a few high quality of the site, every day from their station to IP 100, a day to more than 50, the station you see also want to do it, ha ha, high quality ma. The 3. station has done relatively long, 4. snapshot is very good, I said here, you practice it. It is only through practice that I understand what I say.

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