Find a new adult website

now adult shopping mall, the network is full, everyone is scrambling to enter this profiteering industry, hoping to catch the last bus.

this industry, I have studied, really like everyone said, X very profiteering. However, the current situation is too serious homogenization, is to buy a mall source, change a template on the line, but also heard that some people imitate colorful Valley do mall, and then SEO, 2W can also do more every month.

found a website that didn’t go according to the routine today, so there was this article. The address is (to help him do a AD) but not how to the domain name industry is reliable, according to my understanding of this station is currently the main provider of service aggregation search Adult supplies of goods, the search results cover a wide range of businesses, according to the popular saying now should be more than shopping. A focus on the comparison shopping Adult supplies industry, that I still think this is very admirable, c-ren webmaster does the election of the industry, the industry itself is violent Adult supplies industry, product prices opaque, it is suitable for this service.

later through other ways to find the webmaster contact way, simple chat a few words, he himself is a technical personnel background, before ECSHOP is the first batch of team of creative and management members. Later, from Beijing back home, want to do something alone, in view of the current status of the industry, I think there is still a chance to do the c-ren. Mainly for adult supplies shopping guide services, merchandise data are developed separately, spider collection, and now the site shelf just built up, there are many functions not on-line.

finally, I still hope that this station can live well, and it is estimated that after all ready, it will give people a refreshing feeling, let us jump out of the traditional adult website "shadow"

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