Experience of new operators operating food web

Changshu gourmet network is an open interactive platform featuring third party reviews. It is a professional portal dedicated to local food, food and entertainment. Changshu food network as of February 2009, has more than 12000 members, has added shops to nearly 900, members of the review number has reached more than 3000.

for a new website, the most worried about the problem is that Baidu search is not included, PR no, there is no good site to do with you connection, the so-called "the beginning of difficult."".

as a webmaster, network operation in Changshu for a period of time since the delicacy on the deep: the selection of the theme, clear positioning, but also in accordance with the principle of every day to update the contents of the latest collection of local, constantly enrich the content of the website, SEO can be done, but it is not the desired effect. I take this website, as a delicacy comment type website, local new shops can get timely updates, such as content of preferential information is relatively complete, but because the search engine included questions will not effect. The starting point is always difficult, and if you are good at yourself, you will have a good future in the future.


website is now rely on search engines to myself included, not anxious, must maintain a good attitude, do not follow suit, do it, since the establishment of the station and I have a lot of experience and experience:

1, effective website promotion,

promotion website must be targeted, you can QQ group promotion, BBS promotion and soft Wen promotion, and more and friends or Adsense communication, interpersonal reputation on the site has great help. But for the time being, the most important thing is search engine promotion. Search engine promotion refers to the use of search engines, categories, directories and other online search information functions of network tools for website promotion. To Google, YAHOO, and MSN… Baidu and other well-known search engines and directory sites to submit your site, the site through the submission of keywords can appear in the search results list. These collections often take some time. Of course, paid submissions will soon be included.

2, site link

must have high quality internal links as well as external links. Internal links refer to the links between web pages within the same site. Cross links back and forth between important pages. The purpose of this is to let the search engine spider know that this is your most important web page. Cross linking web pages also help spider find your important pages faster and index them, especially when the pages are buried deep inside the site. External links are used to improve the keywords ranking and PR value, here is a little improvement on the PR value need to explain, although the PR value is fixed on the chain and rely on this page of the score, but the quality also needs to be pursued, in general, have several high PR scores less outbound links page "links for the website itself PR >

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