Comparison of control panel of 10 virtual hosting service providers in China

for the virtual host, I believe we all know, some individuals who intend to set up a friend or entrepreneurial small company may be due to limited budget reasons, will also consider the choice of using a virtual host. Indeed, the virtual host is still the most economical solution to the WEB server, and additional functions of the virtual host and additional services are also increasing, making the business still maintain a certain competitiveness in the server hosting and rental prices continued to decrease under the pressure.

, however, with the virtual host functions more powerful and increasing bundled services, virtual host management of traditional scheme also requires a corresponding adjustment, so many IDC began the introduction of domestic and foreign excellent virtual host management system, one can enhance the virtual host functions, on the other hand it also facilitates the users to better manage monitor your site. For not using virtual host friends, probably in this area is not very understanding, in fact, a good virtual host system for users is very important, and the server monitoring interface for the user terminal open usually called virtual hosting control panel.

· what is the virtual host control panel?

virtual host independent control panel is related to the company for the convenience of the user management, the virtual host management system is a set of user oriented independent development, after the user opened online virtual host, you can enter the virtual host independent control panel, state, upload, password management, online virtual host to modify the binding domain, default homepage, renewals check the access log record, upgrade, etc..

all operations with immediate effect by the virtual host independent control panel, break through the traditional virtual host management mode, allowing users to the latest information online management virtual host completely free and virtual host.

virtual host different virtual hosting service providers to provide the control panel functions much different, based on the virtual host Chinese 10 virtual hosting control panel are analyzed, hoping to help you select the virtual host.

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