The collapse of excellence or an excellent learning case for local talent networks

on the network of excellence mismanagement of the news, I think we must be obvious to people, as one and the same period of talent recruitment website, early network of excellence is actually more obvious point, but later due to various operational blunders led to the destruction of their final. While looking at the current situation of the development of talent websites, although there are great prospects, but opportunities and challenges coexist. If you don’t care, you’ll be replaced by your opponent. Of course, let’s analyze the reasons for the failure.

my own analysis, was defeated China ChinaHR recruitment network industry, there are four reasons.


, for Chinese market does not understand, executives frequent replacement, so that each policy cannot be implemented from loss to seize market opportunities, resulting in the user on the network of excellence mining step behind the opponent.

second, profit model is scarce, so far, the main sales network of excellence from more than ninety percent advertising, as a recruitment website, hanging advertising excessive, but increased the business itself, into a large enterprise brand publicity, the recruitment website brand development is extremely unfavorable.

third, promotion and marketing channel error, network of excellence of the audience are all along "let the people who need to work to find a job, but this" network of excellence, did not think of is, in real life, if a person three years or five years, so he went to work, most the case is relying on interpersonal relationship rather than simply site recruitment, so talents should focus more on College Students’ employment and no more than two people.

fourth, social recruitment industry. Now, social elements become more intense, a lot of products to survive in the Internet, it must have social functions, and the rise of the street network, like Juxian network is to have a strong impact on the existing recruitment industry.

is a large-scale recruitment website, the destruction of network of excellence more or less there is a warning for the entire industry, although they do is a local talent website, but I want to find some experience if not failure from the network of excellence, so for a resource itself is not very rich grassroots website that future is not much. I also failed network of excellence is summarized, the ultimate reason for failure is that there is no feeling talent net profit according to the analysis of the actual user groups of their own, thus losing the opportunity to occupy the market, then for a personal site personnel, we should be how to do, to find our profit model.

1 models with the manufacturers bundled cooperation, such as post marketing your recruitment website in demand is relatively large, so you can contact the local sales business line, to negotiate with them, and they will demand the user bundle, thereby realizing the direct transmission, and get a commission from the proportion. Of course, this is one.

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