The art group assembly – Prevention Manual

after the new year. In recent years many liar rampant, new and old customers complain to me, being a liar cheated many yuan.

so shameless.

therefore, in order to facilitate your friends to seek safe and secure design services, we compile the following rules:

1: No. QQ level – if the QQ number is 8 or 9 bits, more careful, (probably just in the Tencent registered no new number, a few days to defraud. So be sure to see his QQ level, generally speaking, even if the QQ level is one of the sun " 16 " not to, it is best from this you far.


2: to contact details – mobile phones, landline, mail, address, name, the best to have to come, for a rainy day,.

3: something to use Baidu Search – his search in Baidu QQ number, phone number, email, bank account, Alipay account information, if someone sent a cheat record, you should know how to do.

4: no work no decent work – all, if it is with no decent work, the QQ remote site, making a simple thing to see, does have the ability, it does not have the ability to talk, you, bye!

5: with this case to prevent, the surest way of course is through the network owners ADMIN5 transaction intermediary. Customer payment to stationmaster net intermediary account, the seller do things, and you will notice the satisfaction of stationmaster net money remitted to the seller, so

is not happy?

anyway, after all, prevention is better than cure. Even know what the name of the father and mother are called liar, in what place, but have been cheated, know how much and what is the use of information, so remember to use stationmaster net intermediary services, so good, everyone is not


as ADMIN5 webmaster network staff, I am willing to within the ability to solve everyone’s usual trouble, please feel free to contact QQ 29925249

requires art services. Please log in to the website, template, art design task area,

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