Talking about how to make a successful website

sometimes I just want to do a website, but it seems that it is not the same as before, when the former one station can make money, but now you think maybe a lot of people had done;

How does

make a successful website? I think we should consider some of the following questions:

one, and that’s what we’re going to do,


two, what kind of service can we provide?

three. What are the features of our service?

as long as attractive features, we will let users remember you faster, and constantly visit your website, and eventually become your loyal users.

so it’s critical to hold your steady access to customers, and be sure to listen to them with an open mind,

but we also have to learn websites from the same industry and see what they lack. What can we do to make it go beyond?. The same type of Web site where you are better than others, don’t say it’s no use doing it. Details determine success or failure, explore the details of your site, and then promote it, a long time, you will see.

four, what are our target groups,


must make sure that our target population is the person in question and how much they are capable of; these must be investigated;

five, more than four points done later, out of a very realistic problem, do website, why not to make money?. But we also have to stand up to the customer’s point of view, why should I give you money? What is the reason you let me spend money? Can you help me solve what kind of problems? What is it? If you can answer you this website will be good if the answer! And then you do better to think clearly.

these questions all want to be clear, after understood, then we must plan this website again, plan the website development step, each stage, each stage goal, how realizes……

but before doing so we should make the SEO website optimization part into account, beginning perhaps we do not perfect, so we just need to get some attention matters SEO pay attention to what you can, there is the page keyword must grasp;

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