All ahead and leave all by heart on the webmaster let the gray mentality into fetters


"a man, his world, his everything is right", so I do not know who the true saying from the mouth, but always set people thinking. June 28th Baidu search update after the rain SEO Qingyun walk even rise directly to a high position, once beyond the teacher Cardiff SEOWHY website. More unbelievable is that rain gimmick break the "content is king, the traditional site construction and optimization idea of links for the emperor", because no matter the link or content, the wolf is thin rain some (there have been a number of articles published in A5, we are not here to discuss). When we still gasped in admiration and worship, rain but stand in Baidu disappear Not the least trace was found. Don’t know how the rain at the moment, flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum is beautiful and lithe and graceful, but all in all empty.

no matter what the heresy, can be extremely popular word that SEO, just two months to do search engine home page, not the average person for. But the rain not only do the expert, but also do the first. So simple technically, the rain has its absolute originality, perhaps pure enough rain gimmick, but at least the catch search engine weakness. Only website construction or website optimization, and later website operation, only skills and methods are far from enough. We have no right to comment on the wolf rain broke the search engine which led to the site out of the sacred rules of the religious order, but, for the growth of grassroots webmaster, ever more important than hard work. Everything is from the mood, the website operation or website optimization, in order to really successful, must go to abandon the gray mentality, especially the grassroots start small and medium-sized Adsense is even more so.

gray mentality one: opportunistic

used to read too many search engine articles, the so-called experts, experts also continue to throw the topic to attract attention. Even every update, always foretell or afterwards seems to high perspicacity, greatly discerning and apprehending, insight into the core of the search algorithm confidential. Write the spooky manner is not terrible, really terrible is superstition and blind obedience, really terrible is speculative mentality. For example, based on user experience considerations, search engines will record a keyword, click on a web site, and this click can really affect the rankings. News came out, all kinds of keywords, brush, software will emerge in an endless stream. There is a more obvious example is to brush the drop-down box and relevant search, and there are a lot of companies think this is a shortcut, believe that the search engine does not know, just waiting for the arrival of the outbreak time in silence.


. Grey mentality

"wood show in the forest, the wind will destroy; piled out of the shore flow will be turbulent; line above, all will not, the world is always the mountain Lou Wailou Restaurant, to win better survival or permanent, low-key is a must. The rain do not know now is not to regret, if the website progressive row to the first page and will spearhead the second, can not be durable? > Web