Blue Ocean Strategy of enterprises in the era of meager profit effective marketing

remember three years ago, in Tsinghua Science and technology park to participate in an enterprise management forum, the first time I heard the concept of profit era. When the guests have new energy Huang, and IT& the Internet community of violet Peng Zhiqiang, Analysys for young, we focus on the growth of blue ocean strategy, business model, profit many keywords are discussed, and even confrontation. Enterprise survival and growth is a big proposition, through a forum can also be difficult to discuss clearly, but this forum gives the author a lot of inspiration, especially in the marketing process.

undeniably, along with the globalization, the informationization thorough, the enterprise’s new product, the new technology, the new experience, the new strategy can bring to the enterprise the profit level and the leading edge, gradually is being compressed. For the single plank bridge, product, marketing mode of serious homogenization of the market competition is the norm. In the era of meager profit, the marketing reform taking effect marketing as the core gradually spread out in the market. In fact, the marketing of the effect is the marketing return (ROI), which is consistent with the profit goal of the enterprise. Its core value is to maximize the return on marketing investment through low-cost, highly integrated media combinations, highly matched customer and promotional products, and excellent user experience.

Why does

say that effective marketing is a change in enterprise marketing? It can eliminate the life of regular marketing, and the advantage of effective marketing is embodied in the transparent marketing data and various billing models.

1, marketing data transparent

based on the Internet & network marketing effect marketing, advertising data analysis and effect evaluation is much more transparent than traditional advertising. Issuance of television ratings, these newspapers and sales can rarely be directly linked to the index, allowing advertisers to smoke and mirrors, they say that they don’t know half the advertising effect where this embarrassment will become the past;

The effect of

marketing, through orders, phone consultation, visits, exposure rate of marketing value chain, let business owners know very well, their sales income for their own advertising, can even analysis to each order antecedents.

2, a variety of billing mode,

In fact, the effect of

marketing is an emphasis on the charging mode, such as CPA (membership billing) or CPS (order billing), a registered or a sales, even as a result; the benefits of this model will be easy to get advertisers agree. The diversification of the effect marketing and charging mode provides a suitable marketing and charging method for advertisers in different industries. At present, many of the electricity supplier to CPS in droves, you can see the value of a variety of billing models.

effect marketing allows enterprise marketing not to be wireless kites or invisible wings. Through the marketing mode, the most appropriate billing data analysis, excellent enterprise finally grasped the marketing (advertising) between investment and return on sales links, like to buy Apple’s people know that he spent 10 yuan money, where can I buy more, I want to.