Choose to start a business through the website, you should learn to persevere

now my station operation has been more than two months, no income in the two months, though, joined the advertising alliance, but only a few daily IP traffic to the site, did not reach the income level. From the construction site of the day, not a construction site experience, do not know what CSS, HTML code, DIV point is not understand, see some tutorials on the web is out. However, this level should also try. No, you have to study.

chose a very suitable for primary station learning site building program dedecms, although I heard that phpcms, PHP168, these procedures are very powerful. But I chose a platform that suits me, and it turns out there was nothing wrong with it. In the future I may consider learning the latter two platforms, but for now, DEDECMS is enough for my application.

this day in the website construction, boring, confusing surrounding itself, there are a lot of problems don’t know whom to ask, so all kinds of Baidu search, join the webmaster group, when the problem is very happy. But usually this problem is solved, and the next problem comes out again. There will always be new problems, unless your station doesn’t make any changes, but it’s not realistic.

turn on the computer every day to do, is to open the browser, look over your own website, and access to statistics, to the webmaster tools to check the website traffic, Baidu snapshot, search records and so on, this day, simple but happy. Daily visits to more than a few IP, is a sense of accomplishment, if not a few IP, will be a little lost. It’s a pain and happiness to build this website.

after two months of study, now website operators have their own methods, is also had a further understanding of this industry, make this one industry, we have such a small owners are weak, we have to face is Baidu, Google adjustment. Faced with the direction of policy. We are very hard every day, we must continue to find new content for the site to do updates, we must continue to learn technology, in order to better the development of the site, we must continue to promote, do friends chain and so on. We are such a webmaster is omnipotent, a person can operate the website, many masters are in hand have many stations.


mentality is the most important, the website will have no income for a long period of time, or a longer period of time there are few visitors, perhaps in the face of some technical problems we haven’t found a solution, all of this is boring. But most of our test, we can say is the bottleneck of the road of entrepreneurship, we must persist in what, no shortcuts, only insist that every update is the most basic content, must be down. When you break through this bottleneck, we’ll see the new garden.

running a website is not a shortcut, but if you stick to it, success will be yours. Many nets >